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3 inch schedule 40 pvc DWV drain waste vent drain pipe

3 inch schedule 40 pvc DWV drain waste vent drain pipe is based on polyvinyl chloride resin as the main raw material, then add the right amount of stabilizer, lubricants, fillers, toner and other plastic extrusion molding and injection molding, and then after the cooling , Curing, stereotypes, inspection, packaging and a series of processes made a pipe.
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Description Size(mm) PCS/BAG
PVC DRAINAGE PIPES 1-1/4"×2.0 10
1-1/2"×2.2 6
2"×2.3 4
3"×3.2 2
4"x3.2 1
6"x3.6 1

Attribute PVC drain
Material UPVC
Brand Name SAM-UK
Standard ASTM D2241
Size 1-1/4"~6"
Thickness 2.0-3.6(mm)
Color White
Length 20   ft or customized
Packing Nylon   bag or customized
Technology Extrusion
Connection Socket with glue
Working   Temperature 0℃~45℃
Working   Pressure
Delivery   Medium 30~45   days after despoit
OEM and ODM Yes
Sample Fee Negotiated
Application Drainage Water   Systerm
Type thermoplastic pipes
Density 1.35~1.46 g/cm³
Water absorption rate 0.1~0.3 %
Shrinkage rate 0.4~0.6 %
tensile strength 41~50Mpa
hardness hard tube

1. Pipe is light and easy to construct. It is only 1/5 of cast iron pipe. Its standard length (20ft, 10ft) is longer than cast iron pipe, which reduces the number of interfaces.

2. Good drainage performance

The diameter of PVC drainage pipe can be smaller than that of cast iron pipe, which can increase the net height of space, which is more advantageous for users and enhances the use function of the building.

3: Economy and Beauty

PVC drain pipes usually have white exterior walls and are easy to clean without being painted with red dye, silver powder and other anticorrosive treatment.

4. Good Social Benefits

PVC drainage pipe can replace other steel drainage pipes in a wide range, and greatly reduce energy consumption in steelmaking process.

5. Superior physicochemical properties

The chemical property of PVC drainage pipe is stable, and its special mechanical and physical properties enable it to be used normally for 50 years. At the same time, its corrosion resistance, aging resistance and wear resistance make it more stable than drainage cast iron pipe and cement pipe for a long time.

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