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Agricultural irrigation water - saving PVC tube

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With the general improvement of the people's quality, farmers begin to become more and more understanding of the importance of water, irrigation situation before only had single flood irrigation, but now also have the sprinkling irrigation and drip irrigation. The most save water method is drip irrigation. The use of drip irrigation technology have to mention PVC irrigation pipe, because PVC irrigation pipe is an important water tube line in the system of irrigation, direct impact on the use of drip irrigation technology. PVC irrigation pipe now widely used, because more places begin to use drip irrigation technology. PVC irrigation pip's trace elements not only can improve the crop growth, but also can improve the soil condition, for the future planting settle base. Here we introduce to you the features and advantages of the PVC irrigation pipe to you.

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Its performance has: PVC irrigation pipe's wall is smooth, fluid resistance is small, no rust; water quality requirements are not strict, no accumulation of masonry, not easy to plug; and not easy to corrosion, particularly stable in performance, it can pour water into the fertilizer, rely on PVC irrigation pipe to transport; so the life time is also superior than other tube. 

Based on China's rural technology and economic conditions, vigorously develop low-pressure tubeline water should be the main measures of agricultural irrigation water-saving, low-pressure water supply irrigation use PVC tube, with light weight, long length, small transmission resistance, Corrosion resistance, anti-aging, easy construction and many other advantages, in the low-pressure irrigation technology has been widely used. The PVC irrigation pipes in energy saving, environmental protection, economic, practical all have a great advantage, is the replacement of traditional materials tubes, and vigorously promote the usage and development are obvious.

The technical principle for the extrusion process, the production product is for the plastic product tube category. Through the plastic extruder auxiliary mold and molding auxiliary machine, under certain conditions, plastic molding, and ultimately access to products. The specific process of PVC tubes can be divided into material mixing, feeding, plasticizing, extrusion molding, qualitative.

The strength of using PVC tube in Low-pressure irrigation include light weight, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, water resistance, easy installation, fast and so on. And the PVC irrigation is also the best alternative tubes the in traditional water saving irrigation and drainage engineering tubeline, because it's low price, greatly reducing the cost of the project.

Low-pressure PVC irrigation pipe, widely used in farmland efficient water-saving irrigation project, small agricultural water counties demonstration project, micro-sprinkling irrigation and drip irrigation, farmland drainage project, urban sewage discharge project, chemical anti- mining, metallurgy, electricity, telecommunications and other projects, the PVC tube's scope are as follows:

(A) Altitude: no more than 1000m;

(B) Environment temperature: -20 ℃ to 40 ℃;

(C) Water temperature: the maximum temperature does not exceed 45 ℃, the minimum temperature of not less than 0 ℃;

(D)Soil: suitable for buried in acidic, alkaline and other corrosive soil

(E)Working temperature is 0 ℃ - 45 ℃, the maximum allowable working pressure does not exceed the nominal pressure. The maximum nominal pressure of the PVC tube is 0.4Mpa.

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