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Analysis of Algerian Building Residential Market

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Algeria is located in northern Africa, capital city  is  Algiers. Algeria's economy ranks fourth in Africa, just follow than South Africa, Nigeria and Egypt. Oil and gas are the main national economy of Algeria. Most Algerian are Arabs, followed by Berbers (about 20% of the total population),and some Minorities.

From2004 to now, China establish a strategic cooperative relationship with Algeria.

But since the beginning of 2014, international oil prices continued to fall, resulting decline in national income in Algeria, which worse, the country's economic structure is single, most of the goods are highly dependent on the imports, the overall economic situation is extremely serious in Algeria.

Business activities are good for business cards in English and Arabic. Most Algerian businessmen speak French, the official language is Arabic, only some can speak English. The best use of Algerian currency CIF price, do not use the dollar reported FOB price. Algeria has many state-owned enterprises serving as agents, distributors or importers of foreign companies in the country. Because these state-owned enterprises have the rights to master some of the goods, so you will find it difficult to make Algerian fine private enterprises to do your agent dealers. In recent years, Algerian market is full of consumer goods and luxury goods which import from Europe, United States and Japan.

Algeria currently has two major building materials markets, HAMIZ market in Algiers, and EULMA market in SETIF. HAMIZ is full of larger stores, stores and offices separately, have the right to import. EULMA stores are small, most people do not speak English, they often buy products from local large importers or local factories. EULMA's suburbs have some large factories and warehouses.

The main plastic fittings in Algeria is PVC threaded fittings, PPR water pipe and fittings, PVC drainage fittings.PVC mostly imports from China, PPR most import from Turkey. For the tariff.

China imports: 15% -30%, Turkey imports: 5% +, European imports: 0% +

It is clear to see that imports from Turkey and Europe are much more advantageous from tariffs.

Payment: Before 2012, most business will accept L / C, but after 2012,  L / C very few customers will accept, unless the product is very special. D / P is the most common payment.

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