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Analysis of Causes of Water Leakage of PVC pipe fittings

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This article will analyze the causes of water leakage caused by the bonding of PVC pipes in several aspects, and take corresponding treatment methods. You can use it as a reference.


Specification for PVC pipe fittings

Improper operation

Improper installation method


Specification for PVC pipe fittings


1. The dimensions of PVC pipe fittings and pipes should conform to the corresponding standard specifications; if the clearance is too small, it is quite difficult to insert the adhesive after inserting the adhesive, especially for larger diameter pipes. Sometimes it happens that if you insert it in half, it will not be pushed again. At this time, the advance is not in place, and you can't retreat.


2. Stacking of pipes and fittings shall be carried out in strict accordance with relevant regulations, especially for thin-walled sockets. It is strictly forbidden to stack irregularly or pile up for too long, so that the socket parts are subjected to external forces to form ellipse, severely elliptical pipes. Or the insertion is not in place or the local gap is large, and the shear strength is reduced after the bonding.


3. The adhesive is also called 601 adhesive. It is made of perchloroethylene resin and other organic solvents in a certain ratio. In order to ensure the bonding quality of the water supply pipe, when purchasing pipes, fittings and adhesives The products of the same manufacturer should be selected to avoid the mutual refusal of each manufacturer when searching for the cause of water leakage.


Improper operation


1. Improper operation mainly means that the installer lacks experience and has not undergone special business training.


2. Inappropriate management and protection mainly includes the following aspects:

a. The curing time after bonding is short.

b. Bonding PVC pipe fittings with larger diameters, etc., according to the relevant regulations, cement thrust piers shall be provided. Some construction personnel shall save trouble or neglect without setting.


Improper installation method


1. Preparation before bonding: PVC pipe fittings should be flat and perpendicular to the axis of the front end of the bonding. The bonding surface should be cleaned with cotton yarn. When the bonding surface is oily, it needs to be cleaned with acetone and other cleaning agents.


2. Excessive use of adhesive: The adhesive mainly consists of perchloroethylene resin and other solvents in a certain ratio. It dissolves and softens the surface of the pipe fittings and solidifies them after a certain period of time. The size of the brush when brushing the pipe and pipe fittings should match the size of the PVC pipe fittings. For larger diameter pipes and PVC pipe fittings, a larger size brush should be used. The purpose of this is mainly to quickly and quickly finish painting. . When brushing the adhesive, first brush the mouth and then the brush socket, evenly and moderately. Generally, the dosage is 200g per square meter. If the adhesive is too much, the excess adhesive will be squeezed out to accumulate at the bottom of the pipe. It will not solidify for a long time, and will continue to infiltrate into the inside of the pipe to soften the bottom of the pipe, especially the thin-walled, long-distance small-diameter pipe. At this time, once the water is tested, it will occur at the bottom of the pipe. The rupture leaked.


3. When installing, consider the problem: the construction personnel should not consider the problem when installing the pipeline. If the PVC pipe fittings such as tee and elbow are bonded, only the continuous extension of the pipe is considered, regardless of the pipe that has just been bonded. Forcibly lifting, oscillating, or hammering the pipe, the large vibration wave and the uncured bonding surface affect the shear strength, or use a tightener to connect the tee and the pipe near the elbow. Thus, the tension generated by the tightener is exactly opposite to the propulsive force used for bonding, and as a result, the tube which has not yet been solidified is pulled out by the tightener, and the insertion is short, and the water is leaked during the pressure test.


If you have a similar problem with your key, you may be able to find relevant answers in the above. If you have other questions, we are happy to answer your questions.

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