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Approach to Taizhou

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where is Taizhou ? In the dawn when the day breaks, with the bell rings and sounds from sea waves beating reefs.The first ray of sunshine in mainland china, skims over the coast and mountain tips, dazzling this modernized new city-Taizhou.



Located in the middle coast of Zhejiang,Taizhou is surrounded by mountains at three sides, with the other one facing the sea. And it looks so grand due to the sea, and so lofty due to mountains.

Taizhou has a very long history. It was firstly named as Taizhou in the year of 622. This is the place where Tiantai Sect of Chinese Buddhism originated.This is the place where the fleet of vessels of kingdom Wu started its first trip to Taiwan in the period of Three Kingdoms. This is the place of the ancient battlefield, when our national hero Qi Jiguang made severe attacks to Japanese pirates.It was also the first place the great traveler Xu Xiake began his Travel Notes with, and the hometown for the legendary“Living Buddha”Jigong.

Taizhou is a young coastal city. In August 1994, Taizhou was upgraded as a city from a district, receiving new opportunities for the city development.

The urban layout which is in group style circling to the greening center, draws new outline for the city Taizhou, and modernized urban building and traffics, record new steps of Taizhou. Over 20 foreign cities have established friendly relationship with Taizhou for cooperation, with the footprints of Taizhou people all over the world.

Vigorous City of Manufacturing

Taizhou with its long history is now grand and elegant, unremitting and well-motivated. Taizhou is an advanced manufacturing base. In Yangtze River delta  here generated China’s first registered enterprise of shareholding co-operative system, the first joint-stock highway, the first registered professional farmer cooperatives and the first China’s private automobile enterprise that becomes one of the Fortune 500 after reform and opening-up. And it owns three private urban commercial banks as Bank of Taizhou , Tailong Commercial Bank and Mintai Commercial Bank.

On this hot land of substantial economy, what afford a magnificent view are the dominant industries including automobile, motorcycle and accessories, pharmaceutical chemicals, sewing equipment, household appliances, plastic mould and ship manufacturing etc.

20 export bases of over provincial level, 3 state-level export bases, 28listed companies. And the shares for 78 industrial product markets taking the first place in the same industry nationwide. A group of renowned enterprises, such as Greely, Xingxing, Supor and Hisun etc., have witnessed the prosperous development of Taizhou economy told legends of China’s manufacturing.

Rosy city of Mountains and Sea

Taizhou, which walks from mountains and seas is unadorned and lofty, fresh and full of grandeur. Taizhou enjoys a very beautiful landscape, Taizhou Bay, Sanmen Bay, Leqing Bay and the 630km twisted coastlines, which look like one and another color ribbons circling this coastal city. Dachen Island,  Dalu Island,Shepan Island,and the star-studded over 900 islands seem to be diamonds,inlaid on the blue cloak of this wealthy metropolis. The scenic areas and tourist attractions, such as the Great Wall in Southern China, Flying Waterfall on Stone Beam, Changyu Cave Heaven, Shitang Fishing Harbor and Grand Shenxianju Scenic Area are dotted like stars between the landscape of this city, composing a beautiful picture roll of mountain, sea, economy, Buddhism city and cave.

Taizhou is a famous fruit base of China. And it’s also the first market of Zhejiang marine products, the East Sea yellow croaker,Sanmen green crab,Huangyan honey orange,Yuhuan shaddock,Xianju waxberry and Tiantai Mountain mist tea.



By tasting Taizhou fruits,what you experience is the delicate and graceful Southern China scenery. And by tasting the mist tea what you appreciate is the profound culture of mountains and seas.

Livable City of Happiness

Taizhou, which walks from life, fashionable and tolerant, honest and kind, but also spiritual. Taizhou is a city of Top Happiness in china and one of the Top Ten Livable Cities in china.

Here Taizhou free style performance,the local opera of multiple vocal cavities , which is particular and rare. Wenling big drum, which can be called as living fossil of fishermen’s dancing, the Xianju boneless festival lantern and Tiantai dry painted ramie, which is called as “example of hundred craftwork ”etc.

The rigid mountains, the spiritual water, the grand sea and the harmonious people have been the mainstream of humane blood of Taizhou by undergoing the transmission for thousand years.

Today’s Taizhou is full of blossoms of civilization, appealing melodies of harmony, and taking a leading role nationwide. As for its construction of public culture service system, the basic-level culture clubs and culture plazas all over the urban and rural areas, are revealing the peace and charm of this city. 

Imaginative city of Soaring

When you walk into Taizhou ,you may breathe the air of sea, listen to the horn of economic transformation and feel the force of soaring.

Here dreams are setting sail. Hopes are flying and miracles bursting into bloom.

Taizhou is an open and tolerant stage.

Taizhou is a cooperative and win-win stage.

Taizhou is a stage to realize dreams.

And Taizhou is accelerating steps of coastal development and melting into the process of economic globalization, with the courage like all rivers running into sea and the down-to-earth innovative spirit.


The hometown of the plastic and moulds

Plastic building materials is a rising star in construction industry, with the rapid growth of the real estate industry in recent years, the state increased investment in infrastructure, China's plastic building materials has become the second in the plastics industry, only inferior to the packaging pillar industries .The annual growth rate is over 15%. In recent years, Chinese plastic building materials industry speeds up the pace of development and application ,the production scale is expanding continue, technical level has improved steadily, especially plastic materials, pipes has entered a mature and stable period of growth and become the best variety of plastic materials to be applied . Taizhou plastic building materials as one of the industry, has been in a leading position, the majority of the world's building materials products from Taizhou. In this manufacturing city, Taizhou zhuoxin plastics co.,ltd. is located in the hometown of the plastic and moulds---Taizhou. Our brand SAM-UK, as a local brand, it’s a professional manufacturer of plastic pipe and fittings, such as PVC elbowPVC coupling, CPVC elbow, PP fittings ,PPR pipe , valve, tap , and so on . Our products are sold well in the world.

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