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Do you know how to properly maintain PVC pipe fittings?

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Do you know how to maintain the PVC fittings and pipes you install? In fact, PVC pipe fittings are not prone to problems, but occasionally there will be some problems, so you should pay attention to maintenance, so you can reduce more trouble.


PVC pipe fittings may cause problems during construction

How to maintain pvc pipe fittings during construction?



PVC pipe fittings may cause problems during construction


1. The effect of ambient temperature on PVC pipe fittings

The suitable temperature for PVC pipe fittings is not more than 40°C, and the temperature of instantaneous discharge of sewage does not exceed 80°C. The tensile strength of the environment above 60°C will decrease. Therefore, it should be noted that in the design and construction, the ambient temperature should be considered, and the proper amount should be kept away from the heat source. For example, the distance from the stove side is greater than or equal to 400mm, the distance from the hot water pipe is greater than or equal to 200mm, and the distance from the flue and the firewall. It should also be noted that the impact resistance of the rigid PVC plastic PVC drain pipe in low temperature environment is reduced. Therefore, in the air conditioning equipment conversion layer, cast iron pipe can be considered instead of the hard PVC pipe to ensure the safety of drainage. It is precisely because of the large temperature influence, the expansion coefficient is large, and each section of the riser and the longer cross tube are required to be provided with a telescopic joint.


2. The effect of stiffness on it

Since the PVC pipe fittings are plastic products, the rigidity is far less than that of the cast iron pipe, and the expansion coefficient is large, so the bearing must be reasonably selected. Therefore, we need to have a firm fixing bracket for each layer of the riser, and the fixing bracket can be controlled. The direction of expansion of the pipeline can also share the weight of the riser, and the head of the riser and the horizontal pipe connected to the household is protected from excessive pressure, causing the pipe to rupture and leak. Especially in outdoor construction, PVC pipe fittings are particularly vulnerable to outdoor construction, man-made, and road maintenance damage. Therefore, after the buried PVC pipe fitting requires the base to be compacted, there is 100 mm under the pipe and 300 mm backfill sand above the pipe, and the total buried depth is not less than 900 mm. In this way, the use of outdoor pipes can be relatively safe and the service life can be extended.


How to maintain pvc pipe fittings during construction?


1. When the small-diameter pipe is solvent-bonded, the socket should be rounded to form a groove, and the fracture should be flat and vertical, so that the joint can be firmly bonded to avoid water leakage.


2 . Generally, PVC pipe fittings with a pipe diameter of 100 mm or more are equipped with a rubber ring interface. Before installation, personnel must be arranged to chamfer the pipe socket and check whether the quality of the rubber ring is qualified. The socket, apron, etc. must be wiped clean during installation.


3 . Pipe trench excavation installed in traditional pipelines only requires that the pipe can be placed in the pipe trench and can be sealed. When the original soil layer is not loosened, the cushion can be pressed without pressing.


4. Generally, the PVC pipe branch can be opened with a tee or a vertical water stop. During the construction, a saddle-shaped fitting can be added with a half-closed tee and clamped with a U-shaped bolt, so that the wall is thickened, and then the hole is directly drilled on the upper surface, and then the externally threaded plastic piece is used for the extraction. Tests have shown that after this method of construction, the pressure test acceptance can fully meet the requirements of the specification. In addition, in the position where the water flow in the pipe generates thrust, such as the elbow, the tee and the pipe end sealing plate, the thrust pier should be provided to withstand the thrust of the water flow.


5. As a new type of non-metallic pipe, PVC pipe fittings can not detect the specific location of the existing metal pipe detection equipment. However, if the pipeline is buried in the pipeline, a wire can be easily placed on the pipeline to solve this problem.




We only need to know how to maintain it to avoid problems. You only need to know the maintenance knowledge, maintain it regularly or maintain it when needed. This will also benefit the long-term arrangement.

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