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Function of PVC Pipe Production Equipments

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PVC (Polyvinylchloride, polyvinyl chloride) Introduction Polyvinylchloride, the main component of PVC, bright color, corrosion resistance, durable, due to the increase in the manufacturing process of plasticizers, anti-aging agent and other toxic auxiliary materials to enhance its resistance Heat, toughness, ductility, etc., so its products generally do not store food and medicine. Here on the PVC pipe production equipment to do the following functions:

(1)Raw Material Mixing: put PVC stabilizer, plasticizer, antioxidant and other ingredients into high-speed mixer according to proportion and technology; raw materials and machine rub against each other making material’s temperature increase to set temperature; use cold mixer to cool material to 40~50 degree then add material to extruder hopper.

(2)Extruder: extruder is equipped with quantitative feeding device so extrusion and feeding amounts can match and pipe can be extruded steadily. Due to the characteristic of conical scroll, the feeding section has large diameter as well as large heat transfer area and high cutting speed for material in favor of plasticizing material; the metering section has small diameter so the heat transfer area is small, cutting speed for melt is low and melt can be extruded at low temperature. When scroll rotates in cylinder, it pushs PVC mixture to extruder head after plasticizing so the material can be compacted, melt and mixed evenly, and exhaust and dehydration can be realized, too. Both feeding and scroll drive devices adopt frequency control so their speed can be regulated synchronously. 

(3)Extruder Die: after compacting, melting and evenly mixing PVC, subsequent material will be pushed to extruder die which is the key for shaping pipe.

(4)Vacuum Shaping Tank, for shaping and cooling pipe, is equipped with vacuum and water circulation systems. It has stainless steel tank and circulating water for spaying and cooling, and equipped with back-forth moving device and left-right, high-low HM adjusting device.

(5)Dragger, adopting frequency control, is used for continuously and automatically drawing cold and hard pipe out of extruder die. 

(6)Cutting Machine: control limit switch’s length according to requirement, automatically cut, delay reverse so as to produce continuously. Instructed by length fixed worker’s switch, cutting machine finishes the whole process of cutting and keeps pace with pipe during cutting. The cutting process is driven by electricity and gas, and cutting machine is equipped with dust exhaust apparatus which can suck out and recycle cutting debris in time.

(7)The reverse movement of upender is conducted by air cylinder controlling air channel; the upender has an inhibiting device; after dicing saw cuts pipe, pipe is conveyed unceasingly; after delaying, air cylinder works and reverses material in order to unload material. Then after few minutes, upender automatically resets and wait for next circulation.

Product Usage

PVC pipe is made of pipe is the main raw material is PVC resin powder. PVC pipe types are generally used to pipe points: drains, water pipes, wire, cable sheathing.

Because the raw materials to do the formula is different, all kinds of tube pressure and other aspects of the indicators are not the same.

PVC plumbing pipe with water supply accessories, for the building of the water supply project.

PVC drain pipe for drainage and so on.

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