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How To Solve The PVC Pipe Sections With Bubbles

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Some PVC pipe sections will appear bubble phenomenon, Why? How should we solve it? Here we introduce for you:

1. May be because the material’s water is too high, this time on the need for drying the PVC pipe or changing the nozzle;

2. May be because PVC pipe mixing temperature is low, there is no discharge of water, this time on the need to increase the compounding temperature;

3. Maybe due to the low degree of vacuum or vent pipes get clogged, this time need to check the pump and piping;

4.Maybe due to the body or the die temperature is too high, you need to reduce the temperature;

5.Maybe because PVC pipe mixed ingredients thermal stability is poor, this time you need to check the recipe modification.

These are the sections on PVC pipe will bubble causes and solutions, hoping to help solve your problem.

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