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How to Distinguish PVC Pipe from UPVC Pipe?

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U-PVC pipes are commonly referred to as hard PVC pipes, which are composed of an amorphous thermoplastic resin prepared by polymerization of vinyl chloride monomer plus a certain additive. In addition to the use of additives, it is also used in blending with other resins to make it have obvious practical value. It is a product based on PVC pipe to improve performance. They have no residual chlorine release, and PVC pipes have residual chlorine release. I believe many people will want to know the difference between them. Let's talk about the difference between them.


The difference between them:


Different materials

Different design angles

Different construction angles

Individual characteristics


Different materials


1. In the production process of PVC pipe, in order to increase its plasticizing performance and improve production efficiency, plasticizers (such as DOP, DBP, DINP, etc.) will be added, and PVC products with plasticizer added will be softer.

2. Generally, we will refer to PVC products without adding plasticizer during processing as UPVC, or PVC-U.


Different design angles


1. PVC is mainly used for building water supply and drainage. Its light weight and durability, beautiful color, smooth and smooth, anti-aging, long service life, excellent physical and chemical properties, chemical corrosion resistance and high impact strength.

2. The anti-freeze and heat resistance of UPVC are not good. However, it has good anti-drying performance, strong corrosion resistance, low fluid resistance, high mechanical strength, hygienic non-toxicity and good water tightness. It is therefore suitable for use in wire and sewer pipes, as well as in large overhead pipes where strength is not critical, such as power plant cooling towers.


Different construction angles


1. PVC is mainly used for building water supply and drainage, pre-embedded line pipe. The main method of construction is hot melting and gluing, but it is not easy to construct in winter.

2. U-PVC is used for building water supply and drainage and sewage pipelines. It can replace ordinary cast iron pipes, galvanized pipes, and is easy to install. It can also be installed with flanges and corresponding kits, and construction is not limited.


Individual characteristics


1. U-PVC pipe is also called hard polyvinyl chloride pipe, which is resistant to corrosion and can also be resistant to acid and alkali salt oil. Its quality is still very light, has a certain mechanical strength, good hydraulic conditions, easy to install, but easy to age, high temperature. However, it can not withstand the impact. It is suitable for the domestic water system. The pipe fittings below DN50 are connected.

2. PVC pipe is also called rigid polyvinyl chloride pipe. It is a new type of drainage pipe which is extruded at one time by an extruder with a smooth inner wall and vertical reinforcing ribs on the outer wall. It is suitable for use in residential drainage systems with a “T” rubber ring interface.


All in all, PVC pipe is the meaning of polyvinyl chloride, generally poor quality, insufficient hardness, easy to age, etc., used for drain pipes. UPVC pipe is the meaning of hard fat polyvinyl chloride, good quality, suitable for industrial sewage, food grade ultra-pure water, reverse osmosis and other water treatment equipment, electroplating equipment, etc., a wide range of uses.


There are also many production enterprises in the PVC pipe industry, but the product quality level is uneven, and the inferior products still have a market. Therefore, customers must choose when purchasing pipe fittings and fittings, choose regular products, and have brands. If you are cheap, you may need to replace it if you haven't used it, and it's not worth it. If you need to buy a pipe, you can contact us. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us.

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