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How to Install PVC pipe tee

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PVC pipe tee allows rapid connection of existing tubes, such as the use of three - way pipes in irrigation systems. When the sprinkler is laid, when it is installed, it can predict the water coverage very accurately. Another function of this system is that if a regional lawn does not cover enough water to spray pipe in sprinkler increased PVC tee which is a simple and rapid method to use PVC tee.

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The use of PVC tee links saves a lot of digging and installation time, and the PVC fittings are available in size and can be purchased at local irrigation shops or hardware stores.


How to Install a PVC tee

1. confirm the correct size of PVC tee, because PVC tee with different sizes are available.

2. Clean the pipeline area, for the installation of PVC tee: use cloth or clean dirt around the pipeline some sandpaper can be better attached, after cleaning with PVC glue evenly coated around the pipe connecting the three.

3. Apply the PVC glue to the pipe on which the PVC tee is in contact with the pipe. To fix the system better.

4. Start with the three pipe from the edge of the three way pipe, push it slowly, let the PVC tee pass tightly around the pipe, and fix the tee and the PVC plumbing pipe for about 1 minutes. This job should be careful enough to avoid PVC glue sticking to your hands. Of course, you can choose to wear a glove that will protect your hands very well.

5. The last step is to drill a hole in the PVC tee and the pipe, drill again before doing that it is best to let the fitting and the pipe after about 10 minutes, let the glue capable, in order to drill new nozzles to prepare.

6. After drilling, install the riser, open the sprinkler, rinse out the excess PVC powder, and finally install a sprinkler or sprinkler at the drill hole.

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