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How to connect PVC pipe coupling

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PVC pipe fittings are connected with steel pipe and cast iron pipe. Generally, flange joints are used to connect (the specifications above the medium diameter). The small caliber can be connected by the valve joint (the socket joint and the external threaded connection), and the tooth end is connected with the same diameter joint of the metal pipe. Small caliber can also be used as "adapter and inner thread joint" (one end of the connector is female screw tooth).

PVC pipe and metal pipe connection, medium and large caliber can also use "slope ring" or PVC pipe with PVC slope ring made of flat mouth (with metal flange), and metal pipe flange, screw connection, and the PVC pipe end of the metal flange of the screw hole and the position of the screw hole, can be matched with the metal pipe flange. It can also be combined with looper (the outer diameter of the metal tube should be adjusted to the outer diameter of the PVC tube).

The connection between PVC and PVC can be glued or apron connected.

The link PVC pipe joint first selects the fine tooth saw, the cutting knife or the special PVC-U broken pipe tool, cut the PVC pipe according to the corresponding size, and then use the board hammer to remove the broken burr and the edge and the chamfering. Before applying the adhesive, dry the surface dust, water and oil in the socket with dry cloth. Apply the adhesive evenly to the surface of the socket with the brush, find the center of two pipes and pipes, quickly insert the socket into the socket and turn 1/3 circles, and keep it for at least 10 minutes, so that the adhesive is uniform so that the adhesive is uniform. Distribution and curing, finally wipe off the excess adhesive outside the coffin with cloth, and connect it for 2 hours before passing water.

However, it is necessary to note that the adhesive should be used immediately, not the construction personnel can not operate, in the place where the adhesive can not have clear fire, the construction site should keep ventilation, if the temperature is below zero ten degrees, the construction can not be carried out, the builders need to wear gloves. Do not allow the adhesive to enter the eye. Once it is in, wash it immediately and send it to the hospital for treatment.

Adhesive properties

1, room temperature curing, easy to operate, high bonding strength, fast positioning, high elasticity, soft film, curing non-toxic and many other advantages.

2. It has excellent properties of water resistance, heat resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, oil resistance and whitening.

3, it can produce good dissolution and swelling effect on the rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC) bonding surface, and it can be quickly fixed and stuck in 15 minutes.

4, widely used, can be used for rigid PVC, sheet metal, ABS, AS, PS, PC, PVC pipes and other materials self adhesion and mutual adhesion.

After reading this passage, you must have been learned the connection ways of PVC pipe coupling, if you are intrested in PVC pipe coupling, just contact us for more details.

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