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How to explain the PVC pipe transition joint?

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PVC pipe has been considered by the construction industry as the preferred pipe material and is widely used in various fields of industry. Its advantages are unmatched by other materials, and its corrosion resistance and chemical resistance make it more widely used. The transition joint is a cable joint that realizes the interconnection of two different types of cables. What is its function? So why choose PVC pipe transition joints instead of other materials?


The content list of this article:


Its introduction

Its connection form

Its role

Its advantage

End of the article


Its introduction


The PVC pipe transition joint includes a transition piece of a tubular structure, one end of which is a socket end and the other end is a welded end. The inner wall of the socket end is provided with an annular groove, and the groove is provided with a special-shaped sealing ring. The transition joint socket end can be connected with the PVC pipe socket, and the welding end can be hot-melt or electro-fused with the polyolefin-like pipe or pipe material, so that the polyolefin material pipe can be introduced into the PVC pipe system. PVC transition joints have the characteristics of good sealing performance, high strength and long service life.


Its connection form


In the hydraulic joint, the hose joint is a joint that is clamped at both ends of the hydraulic hose, and the connection of the hose joint to the component port usually requires a transition joint. The transition joint acts as a transition between the hard pipe joint and the port element, or directly as part of the hard pipe joint (so many manufacturers route the transition joint directly to the hard pipe joint portion).


Its role


Because the contact surface between two different metals, aluminum and copper, is easily oxidized (mainly the surface of aluminum, because the electronic activity of copper and aluminum is different), if it is simply directly joined by aluminum material and copper material, the contact surface is very fast. Oxidation occurs, the contact resistance increases, and then the vicious cycle, followed by heat and contact resistance increases, and eventually burns. Therefore, it is necessary to use PVC transition joints to solve this problem.


Its advantage


It has good tensile and compressive strength

Its fluid resistance is small. The pipe wall is very smooth, the resistance to fluid is very small, its roughness coefficient is only 0.009, its water delivery capacity can be increased by 20% compared with cast iron pipe of the same pipe diameter, and 40% higher than concrete pipe.

It has good corrosion resistance and chemical resistance. It has excellent acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, and is not affected by moist moisture and soil pH. The pipeline does not need any anti-corrosion treatment.

It has good water tightness

It can prevent bite, is not a source of nutrients, and will not be bitten by insects.


End of the article


The use of PVC pipe transition joints can be seen from this article, and its advantages are also many. I believe that you understand so much, you must want to buy a transition joint. If you are still hesitant, don't know which company to buy and don't know which product to buy for you. I believe that our company can provide you with better service and more professional products. If you still have some questions, please feel free to contact us. We will have professional staff to answer your questions and professional staff to advise you. Please feel free to contact us if you need it.

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