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How to fix and repair a leaking PVC pipe

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PVC pipes are more and more popular with the public because of their high cost performance and easy installation. PVC pipes are available in many places. Although the quality of PVC pipes is high, there are inevitably some minor problems. Through today's article, you will know that it is very easy to repair leaked PVC pipe elbow fittings. Here are some points to note:


First, when the PVC pipe leaks, close the water's total valve, find the leaking pipe, and measure the size of the crack.

Many kitchen and toilet pipes use PVC pipes. When water leakage occurs, first close the water's main valve and then find the specific location of the PVC pipe leak. You can use a flashlight to carefully look at the PVC pipe rupture and use a tape measure to measure the size of the pipe break.


Second, according to the size of the broken PVC pipe, purchase a new PVC pipe to be installed.

The diameter of the PVC pipe varies according to the size of the broken PVC pipe, purchase a new PVC pipe of the same diameter, and purchase a saw blade and a bottle of PVC glue.


Third , if the main PVC pipe leaks, it is best to ask a friend to help replace the pipe.

The PVC pipe leaks in the toilet, and it is troublesome to repair the trap. It is necessary to first clean the PVC pipe in the water, then saw the broken pipe with a saw blade, and try to flatten it when the saw is used. When replacing the pipe, stick the glued pipe to the connector and tighten it with your friends. Finally, use it normally to check for water leaks.


Fourth, if it is a small PVC pipe leak, you can connect one; if it is a broken PVC pipe, you need to replace it with a new one.

If the small PVC pipe leaks in the kitchen, one can also connect. First, use the saw blade to crack the PVC pipe saw, remove the two short joints from the joint, and then apply PVC glue on the pipe joint on the inner side of the pipe wall. The new PVC pipe is connected at the interface, the joint is tightened, and PVC glue is applied on the outer pipe wall. Then, if it is leaked with normal use, if it is leaking, it can be sealed with PVC glue.


Fifth, if the PVC pipe is a small crack, it is best to change the pipe, do not fill the hole to prevent leakage.

Sometimes the leak was checked and it was found that the PVC pipe had a small crack. If you just fill the hole, even if it is repaired, there will be a leak when the water pressure is high, so the best way is to replace a pipe.


Sixth, when the PVC pipe leaks at the PVC pipe elbow or joint mouth, it is best to ask professional personnel to prevent leakage.

If it is found that the PVC pipe leaks at the elbow or joint mouth when the leak is detected, it is difficult to completely prevent the leak from leaking again. It is best to ask a professional to help. When there is a leak in the PVC pipe in the house, find the location of the leak, refer to the previous steps to deal with it, and quickly fill the PVC pipe.


I believe this article can help you when you encounter a PVC pipe rupture. We are the manufacturer of PVC pipes, you can pay attention to the product information of our website, we will often publish some useful articles to help you better use PVC pipe.

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