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How to protect PVC pipe fittings?

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The range of PVC pipe fittings used in life is also relatively large. People seem to know that mechanical equipment and products such as cars, machines and electrical appliances need maintenance. As everyone knows, PVC pipe fittings are also necessary for maintenance. Good maintenance can increase the service life of PVC pipes. If it is not protected, will it disintegrate? The answer is no, but it is definitely influential. Therefore, for PVC pipe fittings, maintenance is very important. Next, let's talk about how to maintain it.


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What if I don't care?

How to protect?

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PVC pipe fittings have good mechanical properties and excellent corrosion resistance. They are lightweight, easy to install and do not require maintenance. Steel pipes for public works are corroded and must be corroded during use. Paint is often used and maintenance costs are high. Metal pipes for general construction and public works need to be replaced within about 20 years, and PVC pipes with good processing capacity have a service life of 50 years. hence, PVC pipe fittings are a good plastic product with low production cost, high strength and corrosion resistance.


What if I don't care?


On the one hand, PVC pipe fittings in the sun will produce toxic gas chlorine, which will cause harm to the human body. On the other hand, after the sun is exposed, although the impact strength of the pipe is slightly reduced, it is not enough to attract attention, but the color of the pipe surface will fade, and the pipe will become hard and brittle. If it fades, hardens and becomes brittle, it will definitely be worse than before, reducing its useful life.


How to protect?


Step 1

Arrange the area that is suitable for work and work in a well ventilated area. If the pipe does not move, open the window and install a fan to circulate air. In closed areas, chemicals such as naphtha-based liquids and PVC primers can adversely affect the human body.


Step 2

Wear gloves. Some of the chemicals needed to avoid this process are harmful to the skin.


Step 3

Wash the PVC fittings with a rag and water. Remove all stickers and debris from the pipe. If necessary, a naphtha-based liquid can be used to remove the binder and oil from the pipe. After cleaning the tubing with any chemicals, flush the tubing with warm water. Dry the tube with a dry rag or towel. The pipe must be dry or the primer will not work.


Step 4

Coat the PVC pipe with a PVC primer. Use a paint brush to apply a primer over the entire pipe. Let the primer dry.


Step 5

Brush the water-based latex paint on the PVC pipe. Apply a uniform coat of paint with a paint brush. In this process, light colors are preferred because they reflect light and are resistant to UV light.


End of article


If the PVC pipe fitting is protected, it will not fade so quickly and will last longer than the original. After all, people are exposed to the sun, they will turn black for a long time, and the skin will become dark and old. Not to mention synthetic materials? You only need to follow the steps mentioned above to protect, you can certainly protect your pipe fittings. This will allow you to save a lot of new pipeline fees for a longer period of use. If you have any questions about PVC fittings, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to answer your questions.

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