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How to put and install tee into PVC pipe?

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PVC is a synthetic material widely used in the world today, and PVC pipes can be used to decorate every home. Compared to beds, sofas, tables and other furniture, you may not be able to see the PVC pipe fittings at a glance, so it is easy to ignore it. However, although PVC is small, it plays a big role, but when install PVC pipes, do you know how to add PVC pipe tee in the middle? We will teach you through this article.


PVC can be divided into soft PVC and rigid PVC. Hard PVC accounts for about 2/3 of the market, and soft PVC accounts for 1/3. Soft PVC is generally used for flooring, ceiling and leather surfaces, but because soft PVC contains plasticizer (this is the difference between soft PVC and hard PVC), the physical properties are poor (such as the water pipe needs to bear a certain amount of moisture) pressure, Soft PVC is not suitable for use), so its use is limited. Rigid PVC does not contain plasticizers, is easy to form, has good physical properties, and has great development and application value. In the production process of PVC materials, some additives such as stabilizers and plasticizers are inevitably added. PVC pipes and PVC pipe tee are also non-toxic and environmentally friendly if all environmental additives are used.


First, let's hand over the PVC pipe. PVC is an abbreviation for (polyvinyl chloride). Its main component is polyvinyl chloride, and other ingredients are added to enhance its heat resistance, toughness and ductility. The top layer of the surface film is lacquer, the main component in the middle is polyvinyl chloride, and the bottom layer is a back-coated adhesive. After understanding, the following are specific methods of operation.


Use a truncated PVC pipe to connect one end to the pipe tee and the other end to the direct connection. According to the longer spare tube above, the PVC drain pipe is sawed into a spare pipe gap and then made into a spare pipe sleeve. Or use a stainless steel pipe clamp to hold the expansion joint, directly cut off the upper joint, and set a stainless steel hoop on the saw PVC pipe. Remove the actual size of the tube from the telescoping section and loosen the upper tube clamp to see if the tube can be moved to the side of the PVC pipe and the tube is in the wrong position. Remove the appropriate size tube at the expansion joint and upper nozzle, tighten and tighten the expansion joint. The top is connected to a stainless steel fixture.


I hope this article can help you solve some problems. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we look forward to your reply.

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