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How to remove and replace PVC pipe elbow from pipe?

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PVC elbow is one of the PVC pipe fittings. Our previous article mentioned installing PVC pipe elbows. Today we will find out how to remove and replace PVC pipe elbow from pipe. Below we will introduce you to the details.


If you want to keep the original length of the pipe, this can be a bit difficult, you have to have a certain technical foundation. If you are confident in your hands-on ability, you can cut the PVC pipe elbow first, but be careful not to damage the pipe, then use the hacksaw bar to cut a few holes in the pipe elbow, but you can't hurt the inside of the pipe, otherwise it is troublesome. After sawing at the pipe elbow and sawing it for a week, use a screwdriver to pick up the PVC pipe elbow. After kicking the foot, the new PVC pipe elbow can be ground by grinding sandpaper.


PVC pipe and PVC pipe fittings (like PVC pipe elbow) is generally used as sewage pipe. Adhesive is a special type of polyethylene glue. It is divided into water glue and drainage glue. The former has a small smell and is environmentally friendly. It can be used for water supply connections in plastic pipes. In general, just clean the surface of the oil dust and spread it evenly on both sides. For the best adhesion, the adhesive link can be ground with an abrasive cloth prior to bonding. It can be stronger, not out of touch, but if you want to disassemble and replace it, how to operate the PVC pipe?


Here are the specific steps of replace PVC pipe elbow from pipe:

1. First prepare the fittings and the special PVC glue to be connected. It should be roughly empty.

2. According to the size of the straight pipe, pay attention to the size of the pipe inserted.

3. Part of the glue that inserts the pipe up in the straight pipe

4. Insert the pipe upward into the pipe

5. In the end, direct tube directly into the following pipe, no glue, note that the best between three and bend the best middle do not open pipe, such a pipe can also be adjusted.

6. Look at the good tube fittings, so that the height of the three links can be reduced to the maximum.


I believe that through this article you have been more clear about the replacement method of PVC elbow fittings, is it not as complicated as you think. As long as you follow the steps we have said, it is okay to replace it yourself. If you still have something you don't understand, you can always consult us, you can also browse the product information on our website, our products will make you satisfied.

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