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How to use PVC 45 degree elbow

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PVC 45 degree elbow for water supply is part of the schedule 40 PVC pipe fittings series, and this pipe fitting is used in multiple fields. Next we explain the application of garden lawn irrigation.

Application environment: two pipes connected with 90 degree.

Prepare material and tools: PVC water pipe, 3/4 inch x 1/2 inch reducing female tee, 3/4 PVC elbow, plastic sprinkler head, pipe cutter, PVC glue, tape measure, pen.

Current situation: the original orbit brass pop-up sprinkler head, after a long period of use, has been corroded can't be used, need to be converted into plastic pop-up sprinkler head. As shown below:

orbit brass pop-up sprinkler head.jpg

Step 1: before cutting pipe, in order to better connection, first clean up the sediment on the pipe. And then about 20cm away from the sprinkler head, the use of pipe cutter to cut the pipe, the another end of the distance about 10cm cut off.

Step 2: in the cut pipe at one end, connect the reducing female thread tee, and then threaded connector 90 degree hose barb fittings. As shown below:

reducing female thread tee.jpg

Step 3: At the another end of the pipe, connect with 3/4 inch PVC elbow by 45 DEG (S x S), and take a 10cm pipe connect with reducing female tee, the end of the pipe to connect with 45 degree elbow , and another elbow Into a straight line.

45 degree elbow.jpg

Step 4: Use tape measure to measure the distance between the two elbows, taking into account the pipe and elbow contact part. According to the length of the measurement, use a 3/4 schedule 40 pipe, connect with the two elbows. PVC glue because of the need for a period of time, so in order to ensure the sealing system, need to hold down about 1 minute.

3-4 schedule 40 pipe.jpg

Step 5: Finally, connect the flexible pipe and sprinkler head.

flexible pipe and sprinkler head.jpg

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