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PPR pipe for cold and hot water Knowledge you should know

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New homes decoration, especially on waterways, and you'll definitely need use the PPR pipe for cold and hot water. There are so many brands in the market, but do you know how to definite the quality? If you use wrong PPR pipe for hot water products, the home becomes a swamp, then not only costly, but also affect the mood. You should know something about the PPR water pipe. Here are some things of PPR tube you need to know:

1.Material composition of PPR.

The chemical name of PPR is random copolymer of polypropylene. It can be seen that the material is made of polypropylene and the process is vapor phase copolymerization. Therefore, it is made up of synthetic chemical materials. At present, the better PPR raw material supply comes from Europe, and the next supplier is South korea. So when choosing the PPR tube,  ask where does your PPR material come from? Due to the cost , the actual manufacturers choose the Korea raw materials .But unscrupulous manufacturers will use recycle the waste materials. So you can looks the color to definite.

2.The difference between PPR hot water pipes and PPR pipe for cold water.

PPR Hot and cold water pipe’ thickness is different, so the pressure also different. The pressure of cold water pipe is 16 kilograms, hot water pipe is 20 kilograms. And the thermal conductivity also is different. Hot water pipes can pass through cold water, and cold water pipes can not pass hot water. Divided the hot and cold pipes,  because of the cold water pipe requirements are low, so can quote a low price. It would be better to buy hot water pipes if the economic conditions permit.

3.Some characteristics of PPR hot and cold water pipe.

A.Hygiene. The materials of PPR are made of carbon and hydrogen, and it does not add any toxic heavy metal salt additives.

B.Good heat resistance and heat preservation. The PPR use of high temperature can reach 95 degrees, the instantaneous temperature can be reach 110 degrees Celsius. Long time use the temperature can reach 70 degrees. PPR hot water pipe’s heat conduction coefficient is only 1/200 of steel. Have a good insulation performance. PPR pipe under the rated temperature and pressure, the use life can reach more than 50 years. PPR tubes, 50 years in use, can be achieved.

C.The PPR pipe connection is convenient. Because the PPR pipe fittings are unified by the raw materials. Can use welding machine to connection. 

Eliminate the hidden danger Water Leakage forever.

D.Green environmental protection, recyclable. Production, construction, the process without any pollution to the environment, it will not cause pollution problems. Production and construction waste can be recycled or used directly in the reproduction of pipes and fittings. However, as waste materials are bound to be impure, it is conceivable that the colors produced are absolutely impure.

4.The correct way to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of PPR water tubes. 

(1) the high quality PPR water color IS soft bright and oily feeling. The poor PPR water mixed with low-grade plastic or lime powder, the color look not natural , cut section dry and oil-free texture, so it feels like adding a chalk.

(2) High quality PPR water pipe has smooth inside and outside walls. No concave and convex cracks. But the bad PPR pipe wall is rough and has concave and convex feeling.

(3) The quality of PPR pipe' weight is heavier than inferior PPR water. Due to high quality PPR  brass  fitting   having above three waterproof groove copper (copper content greater than fifty-eight percent), the size of long pieces of copper, the thickness is thicker, so weight PPR is heavier than inferior fittings.

(4) High quality PPR material is a hydrocarbon chain compound .In flame temperature above 800 degrees with the ideal combustion condition and sufficient oxygen condition, burning only carbon dioxide and water vapor release. Combustion should be no odor and residue, but poor due to the poor quality of the plastic pipe with PPR and other impurities there will be odor and residue burning. Cut the thin slices from the PPR hose and identify them with a lighter burner.

Do not forget the quality of PPR pipe fittings, it is more important than PPR pipe for cold and hot water. So we should choose well-known brand to ensure the quality of the pipes.

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