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PVC pipe fitting standard

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In this article, I will introduce you to the standard for PVC pipe fittings. Only standard fittings can be approved, but you may not know which standards are available and what to check at the factory.

main point

What is PVC pipe fittings?

PVC pipe fitting standard

Testing regulations


What is PVC pipe fittings?


PVC is a synthetic material, the main body is polyvinyl chloride. The addition of some chemical materials to the material of the synthetic PVC pipe can enhance the fire resistance, corrosion resistance, increase of ductility and flexibility of PVC pipes, etc. The application space is getting wider and wider, and the application market is getting bigger and bigger. PVC pipe, also known as PVC-U pipe, also known as hard PVC pipe, has PVC resin and stabilizer. The additive is formed by hot pressing. PVC pipe is widely used because of its corrosion resistance, low cost and convenient connection. However, the instability of the added materials also makes PVC pipe fittings limited, and it is not possible to transport liquids with a temperature higher than 45 degrees.


PVC pipe fitting standard


l  material

The raw material for the production of pipe fittings is a mixture of hard polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U). The compounding should be based on polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin, and the additives necessary for the production of pipes complying with the requirements of this part should be added. The additives should be evenly dispersed. The mass percentage of the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin in the pipe fitting is preferably not less than 85%. Allow the use of our factory's cleaning materials.


l  Exterior

The inner and outer walls of the pipe should be smooth, and no bubbles, cracks and obvious marks, dents, uneven color and discoloration lines should be allowed. The pipe fittings shall be intact and free of defects, and the gates and overflows shall be repaired and leveled. The pipe fittings are generally grey and white, and other colors can be agreed upon by the supplier and the buyer.


l  Wall thickness

The wall thickness of the body outside the pipe socket portion shall not be less than the wall thickness of the pipe of the same specification. Allow the wall thickness of the transition part of the reducer to change from one size to another, but the wall thickness of the remaining part should comply with the corresponding regulations. In the case of a core offset, the wall thickness at the thinnest part of the pipe is allowed to be reduced by 5% compared to the corresponding specified value, but the average of the two relative wall thicknesses on the same section is not to be less than the corresponding specified value.


Testing regulations


1. The product must pass the inspection by the quality inspection department of the production plant and be accompanied by a qualified mark before leaving the factory.

2. Group batch

Pipe fittings of the same specification produced by the same raw materials, formula and process are taken as one batch. When dn<75mm, the quantity of each batch does not exceed 10,000 pieces; when dn75mm, the quantity of each batch does not exceed 5,000 pieces. If the production is still less than one batch for 7 days, the production volume is 7 days. One delivery may consist of one or more batches, with the batch number indicated on delivery and the same delivery batch number as the delivery inspection lot.

3. Factory inspection items

Oven test and drop test. And in the products that have passed the sampling and sampling, enough samples are randomly selected, and the oven test and the fall test in 6.4 are performed.


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