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PVC pipe fittings market research

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The largest application of PVC is in the construction industry, which is mainly used as a drain pipe, rainwater pipe and threading pipe in the construction industry. What is the current state of the market for using a wide range of PVC pipe fittings? The following content will tell you.


Industry Status

PVC pipe fitting analysis

Market research


Industry Status


PVC raw materials come from a wide range of sources, low prices, many domestic manufacturers can supply PVC raw materials, and the price is not affected by the international oil price, PVC pipe production line is more and more advanced, high-speed production lines, one out three, one out four production lines, etc., greatly reduced The production cost has increased the production efficiency, and the domestic PVC pipe fittings market is highly competitive. Some manufacturers have not even considered the product quality in order to reduce costs.


The international market and the domestic market are still not fully integrated. There are not many export cases and there are not many imports. The main items of PVC pipes and valves for international trade involve more.


PVC pipe fitting analysis


PVC pipe fittings have been used internationally and domestically for decades, and they are enduring. Compared with other plastic pipe fittings, there are three advantages, one is price, the other is marketing, and the overall application system is the most mature. PE pipe fittings, PP pipe fittings and PP-R pipe fittings are much higher than PVC pipe fittings in terms of raw materials and manufacturing costs. Especially in the construction of drainage drainage and industrial and agricultural applications, the cost performance is more obvious. In practical applications, all plastic pipes and PVC pipe fittings are the most mature and perfect in terms of production technology, quality control, construction and installation, accessory connection, supporting technology, and related national standards and specifications.


Market research


1. Product market: involving countries and regions of the world. It is understood that the products of similar industry manufacturers are sold to the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other places. The proposal focuses on countries and regions where the real estate industry is booming. In addition, the main market for PE-RT floor heating pipes should be Russia, Canada and other countries in the colder regions. In addition, it is necessary to consider whether countries such as the United States generally adopt fireplace heating to use floor heating facilities. The target market needs to be examined and determined.


2. The customer group is mainly: wholesaler or municipal engineering project department that can participate in the bidding. End users are real estate developers, water companies, sewage treatment plants, water conservancy bureaus, power grid companies, telecommunications companies, municipal projects, etc.


3. Product quality certification required for export:

For Europe, as long as it passes ROHS certification

EU certification generally has CE, chemical tests include ROHS, PAHS, REACH-SVHC, benzene test, etc.


4. Some conditions or factors that affect the price:

First: At the beginning of 2008, affected by the southern storm, snow and spring transportation, the shipment of calcium carbide and PVC goods was blocked, and many PVC enterprises started to work lower, resulting in a sharp decline in PVC supply and rising prices.

Second: The transportation of dangerous chemicals in the surrounding areas of the Olympics has been strictly controlled and the price of electricity has been raised, which has led to a significant increase in the cost of calcium carbide.

Third: The PVC industry is a basic and energy-intensive industry, which is greatly affected by demand and energy prices. It is also the basic chemical raw material for the national economy, so it is also very relevant to economic development.


5. Comparison of PVC pipe fittings and other material pipe fittings:

Compared with other pipes, PVC pipe fittings are inexpensive. Compared with metal pipes, the pipe wall is smooth and the water delivery efficiency is high. It can save about 20% of electricity for conveying liquid. During use, it is light in weight, easy to install and requires no maintenance. The use of steel as a sewage pipe for public works, in the process of use, due to corrosion, must always apply paint, high maintenance costs. The metal pipes for general construction and public works need to be replaced in about 20 years, and the PVC pipes with good processing capacity have a service life of 50 years.

Generally speaking, in terms of sewage, waste water and ventilation pipes, PVC pipe fittings save about 16-37% compared with the use of cast iron pipes; the cost of using conduits is 30-33% compared with the use of metal wire casings; Polyvinyl chloride pipes cost 23-44% in terms of hot and cold water than using the same size copper tubes. Therefore, due to the advantages of PVC pipe, all countries are actively developing and promoting PVC pipe.


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