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PVC sewer pipe for waste water DIN GB/T5836.1

Sizes x Thicness(mm):
  • SAM-UK
  • UPVC
  • White
  • GB/T5836 ( DIN )
  • Socket with glue
  • Yes
  • Negotiated
  • Drainage water
  • Nylon bag
  • Huangyan, zhejiang, China(Mainland)
  • Round
Description Size x thinkness (mm) Weight/M(kgs)
                                                                      DIN PVC Drainage Pipe 50×1.4 0.400
50×1.6 0.425
50×2.0 0.525
75×1.6 0.625
75×1.9 0.775
75×2.3 0.900
110×2.0 1.225
110×2.8 1.625
110×3.2 1.850
160×2.8 2.325
160×4.0 3.400
200×3.2 3.625
200×5.0 5.500
250×3.2 4.225

     PVC drainage pipe surface hardness and tensile strength, pipeline safety factor is high; PVC drainage pipe anti-aging good, normal long life, up to 50 years; pipe on the inorganic acid, alkali, salt corrosion resistance , For industrial wastewater discharge and transportation; PVC drainage pipe friction coefficient is small, smooth flow, not easy to plug, less maintenance work; material oxygen index is high, with self-extinguishing; PVC drainage pipe line expansion coefficient is small, by the temperature The impact of small deformation. Thermal conductivity and elastic modulus is small, compared with cast iron drainage pipe anti-frozen performance; pipe, pipe fittings can be used to connect, simple construction method, easy to operate, high efficiency.
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