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Plastic (PVC.PE.PPR) pipe quality assurance measures

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With the widespread use of plastic pipes, plastic pipe in all material pipes’ market share has reached a great proportion in China. Because realize quality has the important impact on the development of the PVC pipe industry, China Plastic Association are taking measures step by step to ensure the high quality of the PVC pipes.

   Quality: the important factor in the success of market competition. According to statistics, China's plastic pipe production in 2014 was about 13 million tons, total 7.44% high than 2013, China continues to become the largest manufacturer of plastic pipe and application. At present, polyvinyl chloride(PVC), polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene random (PPR) these three types materials still occupy more than 90% plastic pipe material, while some new materials pipe also has great technological progress. Plastic pipes such as municipal and construction PVC water supply pipe and PVC drainage pipe, agricultural (drinking water, irrigation and drainage) pipe, all kinds of sheath pipes, still are the main application products. Plastic pipe in all material pipes’ market share has reached 40 %.

   China Plastics Processing Industry Association of plastic pipe professional committee (hereinafter referred to as China Plastic Association plastic pipe special committee) Zhang Jian jun said,“In 2014, the plastic pipe industry gradually entered the the transition period of optimization of industrial structure and improve the level of quality. Strengthen the industry self-discipline, to provide assured products is the industry's overall goal in 2014. PVC pipe manufacturer product’s quality level, brand awareness and some users’ consciousness of quality have improved, but some poor quality products is still affecting the overall development of PVC pipe industry. "

Because realize quality has the important impact on the development of the PVC pipe industry, the participants of the Chinese plastics pipe industry not only agree the interpretation of quality by Spanish AENOR certification authority. China Plastics Processing Industry Association Plastic Pipe Professional Committee also signed a memorandum of cooperation at the meeting site with the Spanish AENOR certification authority, the two sides will establish a coordination working group, will carry out extensive cooperation in the areas of certification, testing, and technical exchanges.

   Cao Jian, executive vice chairman of China Plastic Association said China's economic development has entered a new status, including China's plastics processing industry of PVC plumbing pipe, must ensure product’s quality, adhere the innovation, leading the industry's development towards the high level, thus to achieve the goals that 50 years beyond the level of developed countries.

  Plus the “weight” on the safety of quality

"PE gas pipeline application is a systematic project, for system security, the design and materials are fundamental. In China, despite the production equipment and technology of PE gas pipes and fittings are more mature, but because of a great number of PE gas pipe and PVC pipe manufacturers, the market’s fierce competition, some enterprises still use other non-standard raw materials. " China City Gas Association Deputy Secretary-General Ma Chang said that China is starting to launch the product quality certification of PE gas pipe system and pipe fittings.

    According to incomplete statistics, relative to the PVC pipe, the total length of China's urban PE pipe in 1996 was only 417 km, accounting 0. 86% for the total length of China's urban gas pipeline network , in 2008 the total length of China's urban PE pipe increased to 90,000 km, accounting 36% for the total length of China's urban gas pipeline network.

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