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Problems encountered when using PVC pipe fittings

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PVC the widespread use of pipe fittings must also be produced in batches. There are many products for you to choose from, but due to mass production, there will always be a variety of problems, and quality control can not ensure that each product is very good. PVC pipe fittings are too tight, too loose or parts leakage can cause many problems. But in fact, many problems can be solved easily without worrying too much.


The content list of this article:

The diameter is too small

Water leakage problem

Excessive diameter


The diameter is too small


If the PVC pipe fittings are too tight, it may be because the diameter of the purchased fittings is not accurate. Not only do you need to check the diameter of the fitting, but you also need to check the diameter of the installed pipe. If the diameter is correct, carefully use the utility knife to cut the edge of the joint. Do not cut too much plastic, just scrape off excess plastic. If you cut more, it may hinder the cooperation. After the bevel, test the connection again. If the fitting is still too tight, use ultra-fine grit sandpaper to sand the pipe being installed. After sanding the pipe, be sure to remove any plastic dust or debris with a damp cloth before connecting.


Water leakage problem


Water leaks in PVC pipe fittings, mostly due to damage to the internal threads of the fittings. Because the threads on the fittings become thicker after the PVC pipe fittings are tightened. It is therefore important to note that at the beginning, avoid increasing the thickness of the smaller threads. As the threads become thicker, they break and may leak. For accessories that begin to leak over time, the same is true if they are tightened too tightly. As the pressure inside the pipe increases, the threads that have been subjected to excessive pressure begin to split. To prevent splitting the finer threads, do not tighten the excess torque of the fitting beyond the fingertips one or two times.


Excessive diameter


Excessively large PVC pipe fittings often cause leaks in the pipes and even large quantities of venting. First, you need to determine if the connection to the accessory has leaked due to looseness. If not, then confirm that the connector is threaded. Threaded connections should be handled with care as the width of the threads themselves tapers and the extra volume between the two tubes can cause excessive pressure and cracking. Teflon or duct tape must not be used on threaded pipes. Pipes and Teflon tape are used as lubricants for metal pipes and can increase the pressure strain on the threads, causing cracks. But if you use a thick layer of cement and apply a sealant, you can retain the threads inside and block the air and leaks from the outside.


For non-threaded fittings, Teflon tape can greatly increase the diameter of the pipe, but still provide a substance that does not degrade by water or heat. Wrap Teflon or duct tape around the male end of the pipe or fitting 3 to 4 times and test as appropriate. If you need to add tape, you can add another 3 rounds. When using Teflon and duct tape, the fittings will eventually fit very well, so use strong pressure.


Everything will have some problems when it is mass-produced, as does PVC pipe fittings. But you don't have to worry too much. Many problems can be solved easily. You can refer to this article. If you don't understand the problem with PVC fittings, feel free to ask us.

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