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Simple explanation of manufacturing process of socket pipe fittings

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Simple explanation of manufacturing process of socket pipe fittings

The socket pipe fitting is used to connect two plastic winding structural wall pipes with the same diameter, including a straight pipe section of plastic winding structural wall pipe with an inner diameter slightly larger than the outer diameter of the connected plastic winding structural wall pipe. The inner walls at both ends of the straight pipe section are respectively provided with a ring of sealing groove for embedding the expansion rubber ring, and the expansion rubber ring is embedded in the sealing groove. The use of the two-way socket pipe fitting of the utility model makes the preparation and installation process in the early stage of pipe installation simple and fast, and reduces the risk of leakage after pipe connection and installation.

Socket fittings are commonly used in cast iron pipes and acid resistant ceramic pipes. Insert one pipe into the insert sleeve at the other end, fill hemp wire or asbestos rope in the annular gap, and then insert adhesive (such as cement, acid resistant mastic, etc.) to achieve the purpose of sealing. There are elbow, tee, cross (crosshead) and reducer (large and small head), etc. Pipe fittings connected with pipes by sockets. Socket fittings pipe fittings connected with pipes by sockets.

Socket pipe fitting, a pre assembled pipe fitting, can prevent the internal pipe fittings of in pipe device (IVD) and scientific research equipment from being too tight or too loose. When the correct torque is reached, the reusable pipe fittings make a click sound, which can be felt or heard by the installer, so as to prevent over tightening by physical means, and solve the problems of poor flow and leakage without using tools or speculation. The pipe fittings can be disassembled and reused, and can stop at the correct torque every time.

Users can configure according to the technical specifications of any instrument manufacturer; The user can also specify the pipe, inner diameter and outer diameter. The connection operation of no more than 1 / 8 inch is very simple without special professional skills. Ordinary workers can operate after simple training. This is because the product has incorporated a large number of fine technical parts into the finished products in a factory way. One pipe fitting connection takes only a few minutes, which greatly simplifies the technical difficulty of field operation and saves man hours, thus stabilizing the project quality and improving the work efficiency. This is also the overall direction of the development of installation technology.

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