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Skills of Connecting PPH Thread Pipe and Fittings

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PPH thread pipe and fittings are for hot and cold water supply. They have an edge of convenient connecting compared to PPR products which can stand hot and cold water, too. The connecting steps are followed:

1. Place the tube in a vice bank or gag without exaggerating the setting to prevent, as this would cause a thread imperfect. 

Protect a stretch of Polyethylene or other means.

2. Cut the threaded pipe square and remove burrs with sandpaper.

3. We recommend using scissors to make square cuts. To use the thread with the die for thread "NPT" corresponding to pipe diameter.

4. Provide clean threads and dry threaded check tube with attachment to install PPH thread fittings .

5. In the male pipe thread applying a uniform layer of thread sealant.

6. Make the adjustment by manual pressure pipe with accessory.

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Notice: Use thread able PP accessories to ensure proper installation. For hydrostatic testing or operation of the system or installation, wait 24 hours after the final assembly done.

No use for threading metal or PVC pipes.

Insist thread protector tubes.

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