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Technical Guidance

  • 07-18
    [Technical Guidance] How to put and install tee into PVC pipe

    PVC is a synthetic material widely used in the world today, and PVC pipes can be used to decorate every home. Compared to beds, sofas, tables and other furniture, you may not be able to see the PVC pipe at a glance, so it is easy to ignore it. However, although PVC is small, it plays a big role, but Read More »

  • 07-17
    [Technical Guidance] What Are The PVC Pipe Elbow Fittings Angle Degree

    Thank you for your interest in our website. Have you ever encountered such a situation? When installing PVC pipes, especially when installing elbow pipes, it may be difficult to fit between the pipes. This is because the angle of the PVC pipe elbow fitting is not suitable. The next article will solv Read More »

  • 07-16
    [Technical Guidance] How to fix and repair a leaking PVC pipe

    PVC pipes are more and more popular with the public because of their high cost performance and easy installation. PVC pipes are available in many places. Although the quality of PVC pipes is high, there are inevitably some minor problems. Through today's article, you will know that it is very easy t Read More »

  • 07-05
    [Technical Guidance] How to Seal Threaded PVC Pipe?

    The essence of PVC tube is a vacuum plastic film, which is used for the surface packing of various panels. So it is also called decorative film or adhesive film. PVC pipes are wildly used in many industries, such as building materials, packaging, medicine and so on. The largest proportion of the bui Read More »

  • 07-01
    [Technical Guidance] How to remove PVC pipe coupling

    In daily use of the PVC pipe fittings, removing the PVC pipe couping is one of the ipmortance part. Here we introduce you the remove ways for PVC pipe coupling.There are three ways to take the PVC down.1. use a saw blade, and then use a section of a large diameter tube (used as a casing), the inner Read More »

  • 06-30
    [Technical Guidance] How to connect PVC pipe coupling

    PVC pipe fittings are connected with steel pipe and cast iron pipe. Generally, flange joints are used to connect (the specifications above the medium diameter). The small caliber can be connected by the valve joint (the socket joint and the external threaded connection), and the tooth end is connect Read More »

  • 06-29
    [Technical Guidance] How to tighten PVC pipe fittings and dissolve the PVC pipe

    PVC piping is known to be extremely durable, heat-resistant and long-lasting. Used most commonly in residential and industrial irrigation systems, PVC pipes do require regular maintenance. Tightening PVC pipe fittings and dissolving the PVC pipe are play important roles in the daily use of PVC pipe. Read More »

  • 06-21
    [Technical Guidance] Pressure loss in PVC pipe fittings

    how to unglue PVC pipe fittings1. Characteristics of hoop connection of galvanized steel pipeBefore galvanized steel pipe connection, special grooves or grooves shall be used to open standard grooves on the steel pipe circumference. The galvanized steel pipe can roll out the grooves on the steel pip Read More »

  • 05-25
    [Technical Guidance] What are the sizes of the 45 degree PVC elbow?

    We have a large inventory of PVC elbows. Our PVC 45 degree elbows are available in schedule 40 and schedule 80 in many sizes to meet your required PVC piping specifications. Allow us to facilitate your PVC fitting needs quickly with high quality, corrosion resistant PVC pipe products. Our PVC 45 deg Read More »

  • 05-24
    [Technical Guidance] How to fix the leak in PVC pipe coupling

    PVC pipes and couplings are typically glued together with PVC solvent glue. These connections are quick and permanent, as the plastic parts are chemically fused together. But what should to do when PVC pipe coupling is leaking? A permanent repair usually requires cutting back the pipe and installing Read More »

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