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The instruction of the PVC drainage pipe

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PVC drainage pipe is widely used in Residential Water Supply and Drainage System around the world, if you are interested in household drainage system, here are some instruction of the PVC drainage pipe, and that must be help you to know better about it.

Now the drainage pipes and accessories are generally PVC material. PVC drainage pipe is very easy to install, we can do it ourselves. What we installed is not worse than the construction team installed. Even if we are too lazy to do it by our own hands, it’s better to design it by ourselves first, and then install it with workers.

Firstly, introduce some drainage pipe fittings for you. Generally, the sizes of drainage pipes for basin and tank are 50mm,40mm,32mm, these figures on behalf of the drainage pipe diameters are 5 cm, 4 cm, 3.2 cm. And pipe fittings is also such a specification. Those commonly used metric pipe fittings are waste pipe coupler , tee, waste pipe elbow, waste 45 deg elbow and trap. (As picture 1):

PVC waste fittings.png

There are a variety of reducing accessories, they can connect different sizes of tubes together. Please pay attention to the shape of below trap and the above shape is not same. There are two kinds of traps, one is S-trap, another one is P-trap. The figure of trap in the following picture is round, the room for maneuver is more.(As picture 2):

DIN waste fittings.png

Here we are going to introduce the metric PVC expansion joint in particular. When it comes to the two sides of the tube are hard, the connection must be with the expansion coupling, otherwise we can’t connect them. (As picture 3):

DWV expansion coupling.png

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