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The produce steps of bell end PVC pipe

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PVC pipe production line is mainly PVC (polyvinyl chloride) as the main raw material. Most used to produce all kinds of PVC pipe. Because it has a strong corrosion resistance and has the characteristics of defense fire and heat, so PVC pipe (UPVC hard sticker vinyl tube) is widely used in construction pipes, water pipes, drainage pipes, cable protection tube, and other related fields, and the bell end PVC pipe is one of the PVC pipes which are used commonly in these application fields. Here the article are aim to introduce the produce steps of bell end PVC pipes to you helping you learn more about the bell end PVC pipes.

The produce steps of bell end PVC pipe are as below:

1. Prepare raw materials (PVC and plastic additives)

2. Open the mixing machine to mix the materials

3. Forced feeding

4. Use conical twin screw extruder

5. Use extrusion mould

6. Set size

7. Through spraying the vacuum shaping box

8. Through soaking the cooling water tank

9. Ink printing machine (can chose your need)

10. Through the track tractor

11. Through knife cutting machine to cut

12. Put the finished product on the pipe stacking rack

13. Finally, check product package

PVC pipe equipment as one of the very common plastic pipe equipment, mainly make up by the extruder, extrusion head mold, vacuum sizing set box, traction machine, mixing machine and cutting machine, etc.

Using the mixing system gradually mix a variety of raw materials(PVC and plastic additives) which after hot mixing, cold mixing evenly, and then blown into the dry silo. Roots blower suck the material into the main machine hopper, through a variety of different feeding methods, such as KMD-60 screw using metering feeding method, KMD-114 using gravity feed feeding into the extruder. The material in the extruder through the screw cutting and external heat, after plasticization evenly, into the extruder head, the material was given a shape in the machine head, and out of the extruder after further plasticization.

The measures of setting PVC pipe shape can be divided in using the internal pressure and vacuum sizing. For example: vacuum sizing set method, after the initial shape in the machine head, 

polyvinyl chloride pipe should enter the spray sizing set box first, pipe through the sizing sets, and then through the outer wall spray sizing set box let PVC pipe vacuum, pressure the PVC tube and make it close to the inner sizing sets, meanwhile the PVC pipe shaping under spray water with rapid cooling.

The specific flow chart of the PVC bell end pipe producing steps is as follows:

Pouring station - Storage tank - Heating mix - Cooling mix - Dry silo - Main machine hopper - Exrtuder - Machine head - Sizing sets - Spray box - Printing machine - Tractor - Planet Saw - Heating furnace - Expansion machine - Pipe machine - Testing - Storage

The PVC pipes completely cooled in the spray sizing sets box can move evenly under the action of the tractor. Under the control of the metering device, the planetary saw can cut the PVC pipes with the pre-set length, and finally make flaring process, then the production of the PVC bell end pipe finished.

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