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The production process and installation of the PPR pipe for cold and hot water

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PPR is composed of (PP and PE) vapor phase synthesis of random copolymer polypropylene, the structural characteristics of PE molecules are irregular links in the PP molecules, molecular weight from 300,000 to 80,000 range. The use of PPR raw materials production of PPR pipes, are also known as random copolymer polypropylene pipe, and is the development and application of plastic pipe products in the late 1980s and early 90. The PPR pipe has its own excellent performance and a wide range of applications, and the PPR pipes are recognized as green environmental products as occupied a place in the plastic pipes market.

Material + Color Masterbatch → Mixing → Vacuum Loading → Raw Material Drying → Single Screw Extruder → Color Extruder → Spiral Mold → Sizing Sleeve → Spraying Vacuum Forming Box → Spraying Cooling Water Tank → Printing Machine → Crawler tractor → finished product packaging

Industrial production process

Traditionally, the three most representative ways in the manufacturing process to produce polypropylene. Hydrocarbon slurries or suspensions of the liquid used in the reactor to remove propylene from the catalyst, heat removed from the system, deactivation / removal of the catalyst, and dissolved mono structures. The range of grades that can be produced is very limited. (The technology is no longer used).

Bulk (or large pulp): the use of liquid propylene, rather than liquid inert hydrocarbon diluent. The polymer is insoluble in thinner, but is riding on liquid propylene. The resulting polymer is withdrawn and any unreacted monomer is flashed out.

Gas phase: Use gaseous propylene in contact with solid catalyst, resulting in fluidized bed media.

Application areas of the PPR pipes

1, the building's hot and cold water system, including the central heating system;

2, the building of the heating system, including the floor, wall panels and radiation heating system;

3, The directly drinking pure water supply system;

4, the central (centralized) air conditioning system;

5, transportation or discharge of chemical media and other industrial piping systems.

Application notice when you use the welding technics:

1, PPR pipes and pipe fittings are used in welding connection, but they can’t be made thread directly, so the pipes need the flange to connect the metal pipes, and the water connection must be used with metal insert fittings ;

2, In the welding connection process of the PPR pipes must use a reliable quality of the welding equipment, it can ensure the quality of welding;

3, when using a special scissors to vertical cutting PPR pipe to ensure that the incision to maintain a smooth and no burr;

4, PPR pipes and pipe welding parts must be clean, to prevent dust damage to the quality of joints;

5,When welding, the equipment must be carried out in accordance with the specified time heating pipe and pipe;

6, Until the heating is completed immediately after the removal of pipe and pipe fittings to connect, if found that the two positions are wrong, then you can adjust in a certain time; 

7, After finishing the connection, you must hold the PPR pipe and fittings to keep enough time to a certain extent, then you can continue to install the pipe and fittings.

Installation Attention

1, The hardness of PPR water pipe is lower than metal pipe, poor rigidity, PPR water pipe should be protected when welding to avoid inappropriate external forces caused by mechanical damage. The PPR pipes should be marked the location when buried in the ground, so as not to damage.

2, PPR water pipe is a certain low-temperature brittle below 5 ℃, winter construction should be careful, slowly cutting the pipe with a sharp cutting tool. The well installation of the PPR water pipes can't be heavy pressure, percussion, if necessary, vulnerable to external parts of the protective cover.

3, PPR water pipe is easily aging when exposed to ultraviolet radiation long time. It must be wrapped in dark, protective layer long-term exposure to ultraviolet radiation easily aging, installed in the outdoor or direct sunlight must be wrapped in dark protective layer if installed in the outdoor or direct sunlight.

4, In addition to the metal pipe or water heater connected with a threaded insert or flange and other mechanical connection, the PPR pipe mostly use welding connection.

5, PP-R water pipe linear expansion coefficient of large (0.15mm / m ℃), in the installation or non-buried deep buried pipe must be taken to prevent the expansion and contraction of the pipeline technical measures.

6, after the installation, the PPR pipeline must be tested the pressure before before closure(buried). PPR cold water pipe test pressure for the system working pressure of 1.5 times, but not less than 1MPa; hot water pipe test pressure for the working pressure of 2 times, but not less than 1.5MPa. Test time and method according to the technical regulations.

7, Whatever buried or non-buried, you must be required to install the support or hanger when installing the PPR water pipes.

8, cooling to the specified time to complete the connection.

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