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The profiles of our PVC pipe elbows

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As a professional PVC pipe elbows manufacturer, we offer various of PVC pipe elbows to customers. You can read the following article to get a general idea of our PVC pipe elbows.

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How many angles are available for PVC pipe elbows in residential drainage systems:

PVC pipe elbow is a plastic product made by plastic injection molding machine of raw material polyvinyl chloride, which is the connector of PVC pipe. Generally 90 degrees and 45 degrees. Insert the two pipes into the angled connector. This connector is called elbow. The PVC pipe elbow is used in many residential construction, home drainage systems mainly use 90°elbow , 45° elbow , U type, S type, take more rigid PVC or PVC-U pipe.90°elbow and 45°elbow are used for drainage, U type and S type of PVC pipe elbow are used to carry water more smelly. The PVC pipe elbow is glued to the pipe by a special glue or adhesive bonding.

Elbow Application Description:

90° PVC pipe elbow and 45°PVC pipe elbow applied to the pipe end turn. In the actual work experience, the 90°PVC pipe elbow takes up the space is little, the circulation effect and the impact is big;45°PVC pipe elbow to take up the space is large, but the circulation effect is good, if the space is large, suggest using 45 ° elbow joint turn into big radian. You can choose the right size PVC pipe elbow according to your piping condition.

About U type, S type and P type of PVC pipe elbow:

U type, S type, P-type PVC pipe elbow is a function of stink (they can also be called water trap). For example, the kitchen sink is drained with S-type water trap, the urinal is drained and the P-type water trap is bent, and the washbasin is often used to drain the water. No matter which kind of water storage elbow, as long as the guarantee of the water level height, can get a very good odor separation effect.

In addition, it is important to note that in the home improvement project, the gap between the water and the water in the urinal should be enough, otherwise, it is easy to drain the water and slow the use of the urinal.

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