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Three kinds main connections of PVC pipeline

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PVC pipeline mainly has three connection means: silicone seal, bonding and flange joint. Pipe of larger than 100mm diameter commonly adopts silicone seal while smaller than 100mm adopts bonding or flange joint. When crossing sewer or other pipelines, PVC pipeline usually uses metal pipe connected by flange. For connection with valves, flange is adopted, too.  

(1)When bonding small diameter pipe, pour a small round at the socket to form groove; ensure the fracture flat and vertical to axis in case of loose and leakage.

(2)Generally, PVC pipe of above 100mm diameter uses silicone seal. Before installation, chamfer at the socket and check the quality of silicone seal. When installing, clean bellmouth and seal.

(3)The excavation of traditional pipeline trench only requires putting pipe into trench and sealing; if the original soil isn’t loosed, forcing, punning and subcrust aren’t required.

(4)Usually, forking PVC pipes can use tee or vertical stopcock. When constructing, can add a saddle-shaped accessories, half composite tee and use U-shaped bolt to clamp so as to thicken pipe wall. Then drill and thread onside, and connect with male plastic fittings. Test shows the pressure of PVC pipeline connected by this method can be up to standard. Besides, install blocks in the positions pushed by intratubal current such as elbow, tee and pipe end to bear thrust.

(5)As a new non-metallic pipe, PVC pipeline can’t be detected by existing metallic pipeline detection devices but it can be solved easily by laying a electric wire on the pipe.

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