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Use of pvc pipe fittings in drain pipe construction

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In this article, I will introduce you to the conditions in which PVC pipe fittings are used in drain pipe construction and some other information.


Construction conditions

PVC pipe fittings before construction

Use of PVC pipe fittings during construction


Construction conditions


The design drawings and other technical documents are complete and approved by the meeting; the approved construction plan or construction organization design has been carried out; the materials, construction strength, machine tools, etc. are ready for normal construction and meet quality requirements; construction site There are materials stacked in the warehouse to meet the construction needs;


PVC pipe fittings before construction


According to the direction of the pipeline and the centerline mark of the pipe section, the measured sample is drawn, and the dimensions are specified in detail. The qualified pipe and fittings are selected according to the measured sample, and the pipe and the pipe are cut. After the prefabricated pipe section is prepared, the dimensions between the joints and the joint orientation of the pipe fittings shall be checked according to the small sample drawing; after the pipe system is installed, the appearance quality and installation dimensions of the pipe shall be checked and checked. After the review is correct, the water passing test shall be carried out. Before installing the riser, line the wall and install the pipe bracket according to the position of the riser. The installation of the horizontal pipe should meet the following requirements; the prefabricated pipe section should be temporarily suspended with wire, and the bonding should be carried out after inspection. After bonding, the position should be quickly adjusted, the slope of the pipeline should be corrected according to the regulations, and the wire should be fastened with the wooden wedge to secure the joint. After the bonding is cured, the support member is tightened, but the clamp is not too tight.


Use of PVC pipe fittings during construction


1. The inner wall of the fixed support should be smooth and there should be a slight gap between the wall and the wall.

2. The spacing of PVC pipe support members, the diameter of the riser pipe is 50mm, which shall not exceed 1.2m; the pipe diameter greater than or equal to 75mm shall not exceed 2m; the spacing of the support members of the horizontal pipe section shall conform to the following table.

3. PVC pipe fittings should have product certification. PVC pipe fittings should be marked with specifications, factory name and standard number of implementation. There should be obvious trademarks and specifications on pipe fittings. The package should be marked with the batch number, quantity, production date and inspection code.

4. The adhesive shall be marked with the name of the manufacturer, the date of manufacture and the expiration date, and shall have a factory certificate and instructions.

5. PVC pipe shall be sampled in the same batch for inspection of appearance, size and PVC pipe fittings tolerance; when the requirements and quality standards are not met and there is any objection to the production unit, the standard for rigid PVC pipes and fittings for building drainage shall be adopted. And re-examine the regulations.

6. Pipes and pipe fittings should be stored in the warehouse at a temperature not higher than 40 °C, and the heat source should not be less than 1 m. The warehouse should have good ventilation.


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