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Welcome to CAPAC Expo Hábitat 2017

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Panama international building materials exhibition is held by the Panama chamber of Commerce CAPAC construction organization, the exhibition has been successfully held 18 sessions, is the best platform for Panama business and building technology exhibition and exchange, promote consultation and cooperation between the global construction industry. During the exhibition, there will be technical and trade negotiations, forums, lectures, Business Roundtable, and other activities. At the same time, the exhibition is an international professional exhibition, attracted more than 300 from the United States, Spain, Columbia, Italy, India, Croatia, Republic of Dominica, Costa Rica, dada UK, Canada and Brazil, Guatemala, Panama and Venezuela and other countries of the professional exhibitors come to the exhibition, but also attracted more than 40000 people in the industry to participate in the exhibition. There are also many foreign visitors, engineers, architects, professionals in the industry and construction industry, investors and buyers. Therefore, the exhibition is an excellent opportunity for Chinese enterprises to develop the market of building materials and construction industry in Panama and South africa.

Exhibits range:

- building materials: all kinds of stone and stone tools, all types of profiles, modified materials, insulation materials, paint, paint, tiles, doors and windows edge materials, lime and cement and other chemical building materials, ceiling and roof materials etc.;

- construction machinery: metal structures and metal materials, construction machinery and road construction machinery, concrete machinery and equipment, construction etc.; - building hardware: decorative hardware, hardware, hardware, window door lock and accessories, furniture hardware, tools: hand tools and accessories, electric tools and accessories, gas pneumatic tools and accessories, hydraulic tools and accessories, auto accessories, tools and garden tools and accessories, ladder / scaffolding, labor supplies, other special tools and accessories - fasteners: bolts, screws, nails, screws / pin, screw / teeth, rivets, bolts, nuts, washers / anchor, gasket, spring, pipeline and pipe fittings, wire and cable accessories, welding accessories, equipment and technology: molding, cutting, welding, heat treatment, surface treatment, electric apparatus, inspection Measurement, packaging and logistics

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