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Welcome to Expo Nacional Ferretera 2017

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1, building materials: all kinds of stone and stone tools, all types of profiles, modified materials, insulation materials, paint, paint, tiles, doors and windows edge materials, lime and cement and other chemical building materials, ceiling and roof materials etc.

2, doors and windows: all kinds of materials, doors and windows, wall materials and profiles, doors and windows accessories and raw and auxiliary materials, sealing and insulation materials, auxiliary doors;

3, ground material: parquet flooring, tiles, floor mat, door mat, bathroom mat, floor materials, industrial, sealant, glue, adhesive, PVC sheet; sanitary ware: plumbing equipment, bathroom accessories, sanitary fittings, faucets, bath spa massage equipment, equipment etc.;

4, HVAC refrigeration: ventilation and air-conditioning systems, condensers, water cooling equipment, refrigeration systems, ice making equipment;

5 、 construction machinery: metal building structure and metal materials, engineering, construction machinery and road construction machinery, concrete machinery and equipment, construction and so on;

6, building materials production and processing equipment: stone processing equipment, ceramics and products production equipment, aluminum plastic steel doors and windows processing equipment, aluminum curtain wall processing equipment, glass production and processing equipment.

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