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What do I need to prepare to configure a PVC electrical pipe?

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PVC electrical pipes are one of the more widely used instruments, which are used to protect cables, wires and compensation wires. For the sake of beauty, aluminum alloy steel pipes, that is, electrical steel pipes, are often used. Stainless steel hoses are also used, and the dedicated electrical pipe wall is thin. PVC pipes are sometimes used as electrical protection tubes to transport corrosive liquids and gases. So what do we need to prepare when configuring PVC electrical pipes? Next, let's talk about the preparation.


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What are the requirements for the materials prepared?

What tools are needed?

What are the conditions required for the configuration?

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What are the requirements for the materials prepared?


1. All flame-retardant PVC electrical pipes used should have flame retardant and impact resistance properties, and their oxygen index should not be lower than 27% flame retardant index, and should have verification inspection report and product delivery. Certificate of conformity.

2. Flame-retardant plastic pipes shall have continuous flame-retardant markings and factory scales with a spacing of not more than 1m on the outer wall. The inside and outside of the pipe shall be smooth and free of ribs, depressions, pinholes and air bubbles; the inner and outer diameters shall conform to the country. Uniform standards, the wall thickness should be uniform.

3. Flame-retardant plastic pipe fittings and dark flame retardant plastic products, such as various lamp holders, switch boxes, junction boxes, socket boxes, end receiving heads, and pipe heads, must use matching flame retardant plastics. product.

4. Flame-retardant plastic lamp holders, switch boxes, junction boxes, all should be neat appearance, complete opening, no cracking and other phenomena.

5. Auxiliary materials: galvanized iron wire, special adhesive, etc.


What tools are needed?


1. Pencil, tape measure, tape measure, ruler, pendant, small line, level.

2. Hand hammer, scorpion, hacksaw, saw blade, knife saw, semi-circular file, live wrench, bucket, ash bucket, ash shovel.

3. Bent pipe springs, pipe cutters, hand drills, drill bits, pressure cases, bench drills, etc.

4. Electric hammer, hot air blower, electric stove, hole opener, insulated gloves, tool bag, tool box, hose holder, high stool, etc.


What are the conditions required for the configuration?


1. When constructing the masonry of the civil works, install the pipeline and the box according to the requirements of the electrical design drawings and the horizontal lines popped up on the civil construction wall.

2. When constructing concrete structures with civil structures, the concrete slabs for the construction of large formwork and bone formwork, in the process of tying the steel bars, pre-embed the sets of boxes and pipelines according to the design drawings, and at the same time handle the hidden inspection procedures.

3. When the gas concrete floor slab, round hole plate, and the civil engineering should be adjusted to the slings of the slings, the piping shall be carried out according to the design drawing.


The end of the article


You need to prepare these tools to meet these requirements when configuring PVC electrical pipes. If you have any questions with PVC pipes, feel free to ask us. When configuring PVC pipes, you must purchase professional and trustworthy pipes. You can't be cheap, and you need to pick the right pipes. Professional plumbers, after all, professional plumbers can do the job well, they know how to be the most appropriate. I believe that our company is professional enough to provide you with professional advice and quality assurance products. If you are interested, you can learn more about our company's products, we will have a variety of products for you to choose, if you can not design and produce.

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