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What is the difference between electrical and plumbing PVC?

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PVC is a versatile material that incorporates other ingredients to enhance its heat resistance, toughness and ductility. It is used in a variety of applications, from drains to fences and even inflatable boats. PVC pipes alone have many uses and it is the most widely divided into pipe applications or electrical pipe applications. PVC pipe and PVC pipe coupling have good tensile and compressive strength, corrosion resistance and chemical resistance. There are many differences between the PVC pipe for water supply and drainage and the PVC pipe for electrical use. They cannot be exchanged between them. Let's talk about the difference between them.


The difference:


Will it break down under the sun?

Different places to use

Different colors

The structure of the pipe is different


Will it break down under the sun?


When exposed to the sun for a long time, the PVC pipe for water supply and drainage will be degraded by ultraviolet rays. Therefore, the PVC pipe for water supply and drainage is not suitable for use on the roof, nor is it suitable for exposure to components of the building because it becomes brittle in the sun and breaks in severe cases. Electrical PVC pipes are rated for UV exposure and can therefore be used in outdoor waterproof applications where cables need to pass through the roof or side of the building.


Different places to use


Electrical PVC is not intended to be exposed to high pressures, such as in water pipes, nor to high pressure air. The pipe PVC on the other handle is typically rated at a high pressure per square inch, as shown on the side of the pipe. This makes ducted PVC suitable for drainage, water and ventilation systems, while electrical PVC is not suitable for these applications. In contrast, pipe PVC is not used in electrical piping applications because it does not handle UV radiation well and has reduced stiffness.


Different colors


The most obvious difference between a PVC pipe for water supply and drainage and an electrical PVC pipe is the color of the material. Although this is not always the case, pipe PVC is usually white. The conduit is usually gray. PVC can add chemical additives to the manufacturing process to make materials of different colors, but these are the standard colors for each type of pipe. After all, each manufacturer will make a more beautiful appearance in order to promote the consumer's face-to-face desire.


The structure of the pipe is different


Electrical PVC typically has flared ends that allow individual pipes to be easily interconnected without the use of connectors. PVC for water supply and drainage requires couplers and PVC cement to join individual components together. This is partly due to the different applications, as electrical PVC is not expected to withstand the same pressure as the nominal PVC processing pressure.


Pipeline PVC and electrical PVC are still very different. When we purchase PVC pipe, we must choose the right pipe according to the exact needs. If you don't understand, you can ask a professional. If you don't know who to ask, feel free to contact us, we will have someone to answer your questions. If the pipeline you need is special, you can still tell us as needed, we can make it according to your requirements. When purchasing a pipe, you must look at its test report and choose a professional merchant to make a purchase. In this mixed market, there are many bad businesses who want to earn profits. If you need a PVC pipe, you can always contact us, we will tirelessly do the best products for you.

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