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Which one is better PVC pipes or PPR water pipes?

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The main raw material PVC water pipe is health grade PVC resin, adding quantitative stabilizer, lubricant, filler, toner, etc., the plastic extruder extrusion molding and injection molding machine, through cooling and solidifying, finalize the design, testing, packaging process to produce a kind of water supply pipe

The characteristics of PVC water supply pipes

1.Light weight, convenient handling and handling: small density, convenient handling, loading and unloading and construction.

2.Excellent corrosion resistance: excellent acid resistance, alkali resistance and corrosion resistance, suitable for the use of chemical industry.

3.Fluid resistance is small: the inner wall of the pipe is smooth, its rough coefficient is only 0.009, and the fluid resistance is small, effectively improving the hydraulic condition of the pipe network and reducing the operating expenses of the system.

4.Large mechanical strength: the pipe has good performance of pressure resistance, impact resistance and tensile strength.

5.Simple construction: the construction of pipe connection is easy and the construction cost is low.

6.Low cost: low price, convenient transportation, easy construction and long service life, so the overall cost is low.

7.It does not affect water quality: it is proved that the water quality is not affected by the dissolution test, and it is suitable for widespread application.

PPR water pipes 

Pp-r (polypropylene random) pipes also called three type polypropylene pipe and random copolymerization polypropylene pipe or PPR pipe, energy saving material saving, environmental protection, light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, smooth inner wall does not scale, construction and maintenance is simple, long life and other advantages, is widely used in building water supply and drainage, urban and rural water supply and drainage, city gas, electricity and cable sheath, industrial fluid transportation, agricultural irrigation, construction, municipal, industrial and agricultural areas. The PP-R tube was extruded into pipe by the random copolymerization polypropylene.

Characteristics of PPR pipes

The PP-R tube has the characteristics of light weight, corrosion resistance, non-scaling and long service life

1.Nontoxic, hygienic. The raw materials of pp-r have only carbon and hydrogen elements. There are no harmful and poisonous elements. They are reliable, not only for cold and hot water pipes, but also for clean drinking water system.

2.Energy conservation. The thermal conductivity of pp-r tube is 0.21 w/mk, only 1/200 of the steel pipe

3.Good heat resistance. Pp-r pipe vi cat softening point is 131.5 ℃.The highest working temperature is 95 ℃, can meet the use requirements of the building water supply and drainage in the specification of hot water systems.

4.Long service life.Pp-r pipe in working temperature 70 ℃, under the condition of working pressure (P.N) 1.0 MPa, the service life can reach more than 50 years (if the pipes must be S3.2 S2.5 series and above);Room temperature (20 ℃) service life can reach more than 100.

5.Convenient installation and reliable connection. The pp-r has good welding performance, the pipe material and fittings can be connected by hot melt and electric melting, the installation is convenient, the joint is reliable, and the strength of the connection part is greater than the strength of the pipe.

6.Materials can be recycled. PP-R waste is cleaned, broken and recycled for pipe and pipe production. The amount of recycled materials shall not exceed 10%, which will not affect the product quality.

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