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Why are PVC pipes and PVC conduits?

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In the past, most houses used copper pipes, but many houses were leaking because of the corrosion of the copper pipes. In fact, this is related to the water quality of each area, but the water quality cannot be changed. Therefore, a pipe PVC pipe used to replace the copper pipe was manufactured. As one of the alternatives, PVC pipes have become very popular. In fact, its popularity is due to its obvious advantages. But sometimes it may be confused with PVC pipes confused. Although they are very similar, they are still very different. Next, let's take a look at the difference between PVC pipe and PVC pipe confused.


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¡ Their pressure is different

¡ Their thickness is different

¡ Their colors are different

¡ Their scope of application is different

¡ Their chemical composition is the same

¡ The end of the article


Their pressure is different


The pvc catheter did not undergo a stress test like a pvc tube. Since water pressure is a major factor in the stability and durability of piping systems, this can change where they can be used. In general, PVC conduits are not approved for use in piping systems because lack of stress testing can result in high leakage probabilities.


Their thickness is different


PVC pipes are usually thicker than PVC conduits. Since it is used in applications where pressure is a factor, the increased thickness helps it stay straight and complete. PVC conduits do not need to withstand such high pressures, so manufacturers expand their resources by making the thickness of the conduits only as thick as the thickness required to securely protect or lay the wires.


Their colors are different


PVC pipes are usually white. PVC conduits may be colored to make them gray. This helps to visually distinguish between the two pipes, especially when they have the same diameter and thickness.


Their scope of application is different


They have different uses. PVC pipes are mainly used for pipes and other pressurized systems. Therefore, the PVC conduit is used to transport water, and the pvc pipe is usually used as a casing for wiring. If the PVC pipe is manufactured to meet the fire and temperature safety requirements, it can be used instead of the PVC conduits. However, PVC conduits are not a substitute for PVC pipes because they are not subjected to pressure tests. The only exception is that the water flowing through the PVC conduit is not under pressure, such as water in the drain.


Their chemical composition is the same


They are all made of polyvinyl chloride, which is a mixture of ethylene and plastic. In order to reduce corrosion, increase temperature and fire resistance, PVC pipes and conduits are sometimes chlorinated. This polyvinyl chloride tube is called CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride).


The end of the article


Although PVC pipes and PVC pipes conduit are similar in composition, they are still quite different. Therefore, we must distinguish between the purchase and use, after all, for the pipeline still needs special attention. Otherwise, buying errors can cause big problems in the pipeline and cause a lot of trouble. Therefore, it is necessary to find professional companies to purchase and understand their products. Find a professional plumber to install, professional plumbers can also recommend a pipe that is more suitable for you. If you install it yourself, I think you can contact us. We will have a professional staff to explain the product for you, and recommend a product that is more suitable for you. Come and contact us.



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