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how to remove a glued PVC pipe elbow joint

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pvc pipe elbow joint

Decoration is a very small cost, so we can save as much as we can. But when a friend's home is decorated, because of the worker's mistake, the toilet will be a sewer PVC pipe and 90 degrees of bend three-purpose glue bonded, how to remove the glue?


The first is relatively simple and crude, that is, direct sawing. This method will certainly damage one of the PVC pipe fittings, along the three-way saw after digging out the three-way pipe, the three-way pipe is as new as before, of course, can be reused, but the other sewer can continue to use, it is difficult to say.


The second is to use the physical properties of thermal expansion and contraction. Everyone knows that glue will become less viscous when heated, so you can pour hot water at the junction of the two fittings for a few minutes, and then take advantage of the heat to pull the two fittings together. This method consumes a lot of hot water, but it will not destroy the two pipe fittings, and will not affect the later secondary utilization.


The third one is actually similar to the second one, just using a hair dryer. But the heating of the blower is usually only local, so it may not be as good as hot water. This method is for reference only.


Fourth, this is a more professional method, is the use of PVC glue brush in the inner wall of the pipe, ignition burning about 10 seconds, and then quickly pry out the inner wall with a word scraper, so that the two pipes can be separated, and the pipe can be used again.


The fifth one may be solved by brute force. First, get the tools: a hammer, a screwdriver with a small head and a sharp nose pliers. Separate two connection pipe handling methods, you can imagine the picture. Feel this kind of not only violence, the operation process is also easy to destroy pipe fittings, can not meet the requirements of secondary utilization. Therefore, we should think about this method of violence.

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