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PVC Pipe Couplings

A list of these PVC Pipe Couplings articles makes it easy for you to quickly access relevant information. We have prepared the following professional PVC Pipe Couplings, hoping to help solve your questions and better understand the product information you care about.
  • 12-05
    [Industry News] What is the purpose of the PVC reducer?

    PVC is a synthetic material, I believe everyone basically knows. Its advantages have made it popular with everyone over the years, and everyone uses it in many fields. PVC pipe is a type that everyone often uses. Everyone should have heard of it. It may be used in your own home. PVC pipes are also divided into many types, and one of them may not be well understood. If you want to know about it, you can continue reading this article, then I will talk about PVC reducers. Read More »

  • 12-03
    [Industry News] What is the concentric reducer in a PVC reducer?

    The reducer, also known as the size head, is one of the chemical pipe fittings used to connect two different pipe diameters. It is divided into concentric reducers and eccentric reducers. Today, let's talk about PVC concentric reducers. A reducer whose center is on a straight line is called a concentric reducer. Typically, the forming process is systolic, expansion or contraction. Stamping can also be used for pipes of different diameters in certain sizes. PVC pipe and PVC pipe couplings are well known, and their advantages should be known. After all, they have been around us for many years. Read More »

  • 11-25
    [Industry News] Can plastic pipes be used for hot water pipes?

    Now living conditions have improved, and basically every household will install a water heater. However, when installing a water heater, you need to buy a hot water pipe. You may not know what material to buy. Plastics have been very hot these years, but you may be wondering if you can install your own water heaters with plastic tubes. If using a plastic tube, which material is used? PVC pipe and PVC pipe couplings have been so hot in recent years. It seems to be very good. Can you use this? Read More »

  • 11-21
    [Industry News] What is PVC rubber joint used for?

    PVC pipe I believe everyone knows very well, PVC pipe couplings have more or less understanding. But it may not be very clear, so let's take a look at PVC rubber joints today. Some people think rubber joints are very strange. Below we will introduce the rubber material it needs to make and what it is used for. Read More »

  • 11-19
    [Industry News] What are the benefits of PVC pipe split joints?

    PVC split joints, including joints with a central hole and joint tubes. Its inner and outer walls are respectively provided with a joint internal thread and a joint external thread in the radial direction, and an upper end of the internal thread is provided with an annular step. The utility model has the advantages of simple installation, convenience, beautiful appearance and cost saving. I believe that everyone knows that PVC is a popular material in the world that is popular, popular and widely used. Then a split connector inside the PVC connector may not be known to everyone, and why not use it? Next we will talk about PVC split couplings and its advantages. Read More »

  • 11-17
    [Industry News] What are the advantages of PVC rubber joints?

    Everyone knows PVC pipe and PVC pipe couplings, which can be seen in many places. It has a wide range of applications, so everyone is familiar with them. But what you may know is not so deep. PVC rubber joint is a kind of PVC joint, it is also widely used, and it also has its own characteristics and advantages. So if you want to know about it, you can continue reading this article. Next I will analyze its features and advantages. Read More »

  • 11-03
    [Industry News] Where is each type of pipe joints used?

    The pipe joint is a connecting tool between the pipe and the pipe, and is a connection point between the component and the pipe. It plays an indispensable role in the pipe fitting and is one of the two main components of the hydraulic pipe. There are a variety of different types of fittings that are used differently. The choice of different fittings depends on the pipe size, material and flow pressure. Therefore, where the pipe joints are used depends entirely on the pipe used. The pipe joints may be PVC pipe couplings, cast iron pipe joints, copper pipe joints, and the like. Next, let's talk about the use of pipe joints in different places. Read More »

  • 11-01
    [Industry News] What should I pay attention to when assembling PVC pipe threaded joints?

    The advantages of PVC pipes are extremely obvious, so many PVC pipes are now used. At the same time, there are many threaded joints used in these pipes. PVC threaded couplings provide a reliable, leak-free function. However, sometimes it may leak or break due to improper operation during installation. Therefore, we need to pay attention to some issues that need to be paid attention to during installation. Read More »

  • 10-28
    [Industry News] How to use PVC pipe joints?

    PVC pipes are almost always present in every household, and it brings us a comfortable and convenient life. PVC pipe joints are essential for connecting pipes and can maintain the normal use of your pipe. But if you want to live comfortably and conveniently at home, be sure to install the pipe and pipe joints correctly. If it is not installed correctly, it will cause some problems, not only will it break down, the pipeline will not be used normally, and it may also cause flooding in the home. However, proper installation of PVC pipes and fittings is actually very easy, as long as you operate correctly according to the operating instructions, there is generally no problem. Next, I will show you how to properly install PVC pipe couplings. Read More »

  • 10-23
    [Industry News] Why do you want to make flexible joints for PVC pipes?

    PVC is a polymer of vinyl chloride monomer in an initiator such as peroxide or an azo compound; or a polymer obtained by a free radical polymerization mechanism under the action of light or heat. It is a thermoplastic material that repeatedly melts at certain temperatures and hardens on cooling. Its main component is polyvinyl chloride, a material that adds other ingredients to enhance its heat resistance, toughness and ductility. PVC is divided into rigid and flexible and can be combined with a variety of additives to make soft and hard PVC pipes. PVC-U pipe has strong corrosion resistance, easy bonding, low price and hard texture. It is used in drainage, wastewater, chemicals, heating liquid and coolant, food, ultra-pure liquid, mud, gas, compressed air and vacuum system. Then why do you have to make PVC hose and PVC flexible joints? Read More »

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