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PVC pipes

These are related to the PVC pipes news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in PVC pipes and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand PVC pipes market.
  • [Industry News] Why do you want to make flexible joints for PVC pipes?

    PVC is a polymer of vinyl chloride monomer in an initiator such as peroxide or an azo compound; or a polymer obtained by a free radical polymerization mechanism under the action of light or heat. It is a thermoplastic material that repeatedly melts at certain temperatures and hardens on cooling. Its main component is polyvinyl chloride, a material that adds other ingredients to enhance its heat resistance, toughness and ductility. PVC is divided into rigid and flexible and can be combined with a variety of additives to make soft and hard PVC pipes. PVC-U pipe has strong corrosion resistance, easy bonding, low price and hard texture. It is used in drainage, wastewater, chemicals, heating liquid and coolant, food, ultra-pure liquid, mud, gas, compressed air and vacuum system. Then why do you have to make PVC hose and PVC flexible joints?

  • [Industry News] What is the difference between a UPVC drain and a PVC drain?

    PVC is polyvinyl chloride, which is the raw material of the drain pipe. Generally, it is a polyvinyl chloride resin powder. Nothing can be made by light PVC. To create useful things, add various active agents or catalyst stabilizers. UPVC is to add some activity. After the agent, the semi-finished product has to go through the injection molding machine to produce the finished product. In fact, UPVC drainage pipes are currently referred to as PVC drainage pipes. Therefore, in our water supply and drainage pipe procurement, we can see that UPVC drainage pipes are also PVC drainage pipes. This is a reason for HDPE pipes to be PE pipes abbreviation. So let's talk about it next.

  • [Industry News] What do I need to prepare to configure a PVC electrical pipe?

    PVC electrical pipes are one of the more widely used instruments, which are used to protect cables, wires and compensation wires. For the sake of beauty, aluminum alloy steel pipes, that is, electrical steel pipes, are often used. Stainless steel hoses are also used, and the dedicated electrical pipe wall is thin. PVC pipes are sometimes used as electrical protection tubes to transport corrosive liquids and gases. So what do we need to prepare when configuring PVC electrical pipes? Next, let's talk about the preparation.

  • [Industry News] Do you know PVC eccentric reducers?

    PVC reducers can be divided into concentric reducers and eccentric reducers. Concentric reducers have already been mentioned in another article, and today we are talking about PVC eccentric reducers.

  • [Industry News] Difference between PVC Drainage Pipe and PVC Water Supply Pipe

    Everyone knows PVC pipes, and its advantages are obvious to all. PVC is cheaper than other polymer materials, has a wide range of raw materials, simple production process, certain insulation and flame retardant effects, and can be recycled and used. Everyone must know the drain pipe and the water supply pipe. Because of the advantages of PVC material, many water supply pipes and drain pipes will choose to use this material. So what is the difference between PVC water supply pipes and PVC water pipes?

  • [Industry News] Where can I use soft PVC fittings?

    Clearly, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is one of the most widely used products in the world today. It is so rich that it can be produced as long as you want. It is a well-loved, popular and widely used synthetic material in the world today. Its global use ranks second among various synthetic materials. According to statistics, in 1995 alone, PVC production in Europe was about 5 million tons, and its consumption was 5.3 million tons. It is also a very lightweight thing, so its usage is very scary. PVC pipes are divided into hard and soft, hard to believe that everyone knows, but soft PVC pipe fittings?

  • [Industry News] What should I pay attention to when assembling PVC pipe threaded joints?

    The advantages of PVC pipes are extremely obvious, so many PVC pipes are now used. At the same time, there are many threaded joints used in these pipes. PVC threaded couplings provide a reliable, leak-free function. However, sometimes it may leak or break due to improper operation during installation. Therefore, we need to pay attention to some issues that need to be paid attention to during installation.

  • [Industry News] How to use PVC pipe joints?

    PVC pipes are almost always present in every household, and it brings us a comfortable and convenient life. PVC pipe joints are essential for connecting pipes and can maintain the normal use of your pipe. But if you want to live comfortably and conveniently at home, be sure to install the pipe and pipe joints correctly. If it is not installed correctly, it will cause some problems, not only will it break down, the pipeline will not be used normally, and it may also cause flooding in the home. However, proper installation of PVC pipes and fittings is actually very easy, as long as you operate correctly according to the operating instructions, there is generally no problem. Next, I will show you how to properly install PVC pipe couplings.

  • [Industry News] How to Distinguish PVC Pipe from UPVC Pipe?

    U-PVC pipes are commonly referred to as hard PVC pipes, which are composed of an amorphous thermoplastic resin prepared by polymerization of vinyl chloride monomer plus a certain additive. In addition to the use of additives, it is also used in blending with other resins to make it have obvious practical value. It is a product based on PVC pipe to improve performance. They have no residual chlorine release, and PVC pipes have residual chlorine release. I believe many people will want to know the difference between them. Let's talk about the difference between them.

  • [Industry News] Distinguish the quality of PVC pipes

    As one of the products of technological development, PVC pipes are within reach of everyday life. It is also very common because it has many advantages to ensure a firm connection of the pipes. With its light weight, corrosion resistance, high compressive strength, safety and convenience, it has been well received by the engineering community. It is the material of choice for pipelines, but our average person will certainly not know how to choose good quality PVC pipe coupling and pipes when selecting. Next, let's talk about how to judge the quality of them.

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