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pvc pipe joints

A list of these pvc pipe joints articles makes it easy for you to quickly access relevant information. We have prepared the following professional pvc pipe joints, hoping to help solve your questions and better understand the product information you care about.
  • 11-19
    [Industry News] What are the benefits of PVC pipe split joints?

    PVC split joints, including joints with a central hole and joint tubes. Its inner and outer walls are respectively provided with a joint internal thread and a joint external thread in the radial direction, and an upper end of the internal thread is provided with an annular step. The utility model has the advantages of simple installation, convenience, beautiful appearance and cost saving. I believe that everyone knows that PVC is a popular material in the world that is popular, popular and widely used. Then a split connector inside the PVC connector may not be known to everyone, and why not use it? Next we will talk about PVC split couplings and its advantages. Read More »

  • 11-03
    [Industry News] Where is each type of pipe joints used?

    The pipe joint is a connecting tool between the pipe and the pipe, and is a connection point between the component and the pipe. It plays an indispensable role in the pipe fitting and is one of the two main components of the hydraulic pipe. There are a variety of different types of fittings that are used differently. The choice of different fittings depends on the pipe size, material and flow pressure. Therefore, where the pipe joints are used depends entirely on the pipe used. The pipe joints may be PVC pipe couplings, cast iron pipe joints, copper pipe joints, and the like. Next, let's talk about the use of pipe joints in different places. Read More »

  • 10-30
    [Industry News] What does the plastic pipe joint mean?

    The plastic pipe joint is generally made of synthetic resin, that is, polyester as a raw material, adding a stabilizer, a lubricant, a plasticizer, etc., and is extruded in a pipe making machine by a "plastic" method. It is mainly used in piping, drainage, exhaust and sewage sanitary pipes, underground drainage pipe systems, rainwater pipes, and threading pipes for wire installation and installation of house water supply systems. The most widely used of it are PVC pipe joints, which have the advantage of being widely used quickly. PVC pipe couplings have good tensile and compressive strength, and corrosion resistance and chemical resistance are also good. Therefore, it will be widely used. Read More »

  • 10-28
    [Industry News] How to use PVC pipe joints?

    PVC pipes are almost always present in every household, and it brings us a comfortable and convenient life. PVC pipe joints are essential for connecting pipes and can maintain the normal use of your pipe. But if you want to live comfortably and conveniently at home, be sure to install the pipe and pipe joints correctly. If it is not installed correctly, it will cause some problems, not only will it break down, the pipeline will not be used normally, and it may also cause flooding in the home. However, proper installation of PVC pipes and fittings is actually very easy, as long as you operate correctly according to the operating instructions, there is generally no problem. Next, I will show you how to properly install PVC pipe couplings. Read More »

  • 10-18
    [Industry News] How to judge the quality of PVC pipe joints?

    Now we need to know if its quality is up to standard and we need to buy something that passes the test of a security certificate. This will allow us to feel at ease and use it. The control and testing to determine the quality of a pipe is a test of the pipe before it is sold to determine if it is fully suitable for installation, pipelining, etc. PVC pipe joints are the same as other foods, cars, and furniture. Only when the test requirements are met, can the quality label be used, so that it can be used. So what do we do when we choose PVC pipe couplings? Read More »

  • 10-16
    [Industry News] How to repair PVC pipe sliding joints?

    No matter what kind of connector is used, it will take some time. After all, when everything is used for a long time, there will be problems of old damage, as well as PVC pipe sliding joints. But when you have a PVC pipe leak at home or in the office, sometimes there is a problem with no time, you have to learn to repair the leaked PVC pipe joints yourself. If you learn to fix it yourself, you can save yourself a lot of time and save a lot of money for plumbers. Next we will talk about how to repair PVC pipe couplings. Read More »

  • 10-10
    [Industry News] What types of PVC pipe joints are there?

    Today, PVC pipes are widely used, all because of its advantages. PVC pipe couplings I believe that everyone must understand, there are many types. But because there are too many, everyone will have a headache and don't know how to choose. Here are some PVC pipe joints for everyone. Read More »

  • 10-04
    [Industry News] What is the difference between PVC joints and PVC pipe joints?

    PVC is actually a vinyl polymer material whose material is a non-crystalline material. PVC materials are often added with stabilizers, lubricants, auxiliary processing agents, colorants, impact agents and other additives in actual use. PVC pipe couplings are non-flammable, high strength, weather resistant and excellent geometric stability. They are highly resistant to oxidants, reducing agents and strong acids. Some say PVC joints, some say PVC pipe joints, so what is the difference? In fact, they were not necessary for comparison. They were not a type of thing. Let's analyze them. Read More »

  • 09-28
    [Industry News] How to choose PVC pipe joints?

    In the environment we live in, there are all kinds of pipes, water, electricity, etc., and any pipe has an interface. The interface is a very important part and must be taken seriously. If there is any negligence in the joints, it may have a serious impact on people's lives. In general, PVC pipe couplings are very common because they have many advantages to ensure a firm connection of the pipes. Next, let's take a look at the specificity of the PVC pipe joints. Why not choose other pipe joints? Read More »

  • 09-26
    [Industry News] Distinguish the quality of PVC pipes

    As one of the products of technological development, PVC pipes are within reach of everyday life. It is also very common because it has many advantages to ensure a firm connection of the pipes. With its light weight, corrosion resistance, high compressive strength, safety and convenience, it has been well received by the engineering community. It is the material of choice for pipelines, but our average person will certainly not know how to choose good quality PVC pipe coupling and pipes when selecting. Next, let's talk about how to judge the quality of them. Read More »

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