How to fix the problem of leaking PVC pipe fittings?

How to fix the problem of leaking PVC pipe fittings?

You may find that the pipeline leaks when you need the pipeline. This is really a very tricky thing, and it may even be troublesome and expensive. There are several ways to repair leaked PVC tubing without cutting any tubing, and it’s relatively easy to do.

You will know:

Detecting the difficulty of leaking

What you need to prepare

Steps to repair leaking PVC tubing

Detecting the difficulty of leaking

PVC pipe fittings and large-diameter pipes are difficult to detect, mainly based on the following points:

1. PVC pipe fittings and pipes are wave-type media, the sound attenuation is very fast, the transmission distance is short, and almost any sound is heard on the valve, which makes it difficult to detect leaking clues.

2. Large-diameter pipe, the valve spacing is long, the distance is long, the sound is diffused, the absorption attenuation is very fast, which leads to detection and difficulty in detecting leaks. The traditional correlator can only meet the pipeline below DN500 mm, and the distance is generally around 200.

3. The frequency is low, the general frequency range is about 0~200HZ, which is different from the common metal tube frequency 0-2000HZ. It is particularly susceptible to interference from outside traffic, vehicles and other signals.

What you need to prepare

Before you fix it, you’d better prepare the following things. These holes are better to buy and not expensive. When you are ready, you can start to repair your PVC pipe fitting.

l  PVC primer

l  PVC glue

l  Cover and plug

Steps to repair leaking PVC tubing

Step 1

First check the PVC pipe fitting and isolate the leak. Determine how many covers and plugs are needed for each opening. Then buy a hat and plug in a hardware or home improvement store.


Step 2

Seal all openings with your lid and plug, only one opening. For vacuum, you need to keep the opening closest to the leak. Secure the vacuum to the opening so you can pull the suction from the entire system. You may need to use a special accessory at the end of the vacuum to achieve this depending on the opening.

Step 3

After the vacuum is fixed, turn it on. Vacuum check the location of the PVC pipe fitting leak. The straw will tell you where the hole is. Use your primer and brush to apply the primer to the leaking area. The vacuum cleaner will suck the primer into the leak. Allow enough primer to enter the leak to prepare the seam and then immediately turn off the vacuum.


Step 4

The process of applying PVC glue and primer is the same. Brush the PVC glue to the place where the primer is. Once the glue is in place, you have to make sure the vacuum cleaner is turned off. If you don’t do this, you will eventually pull the glue back from the leak and you will have to start over.

Step 5

Allow enough time for the glue to set before you use the PVC pipe fitting again. Once enough time has passed, you will want to test the system for leaks. If you find another vulnerability, follow the procedure above to fix it. If the same point is still leaking, turn over the primer and then bond. Not always the first time. If it still leaks, then you will need to replace the parts, which is a more difficult repair.

Repairing a leaky PVC pipe fitting is something you can do, no need to spend time and money to fix it, you can do it in a few hours, even if you don’t have a lot of hands-on experience.

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