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SAM-UK All Employees Had A Trip In Shaoxing

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To thank the all of the staff for contribution to our company’s development, but also to enhance the exchanges and communications between colleagues, SAM-UK company organized this meaningful travel to Shaoxing on Labour’s Day.

As known to all, the traffic is really heavy, in order to avoid the traffic jam on the high speed way, we got up early. See, some were going on their sweet sleep on the road.

After 3 hours’ drive, our big family arrived Lu Xun’s former residence.

Here I’d like to introduce this great Chinese writer ---- Luxun :

Lu Xun died 65 years ago, but his literature and thought still receive great attention and his popularity appears unlikely to die out.

“His works do not belong only to one nation, but are of global value,’’ Feng Tie, a Chinese scholar now living in Germany, told a recent international academic symposium on ``The World of Lu Xun and the Lu Xun of the World.’’

Lu Xun, born in Shaoxing County in Zhejiang Province on September 25, 1881, was one of the country’s greatest thinkers and man of letter in the 20th century. He died in 1936.

Lu wrote a number of literary classics, including ¨°The True Story of Ah Q,`` `A Madman’s Diary,`` ``Kong Yiji’’and``Medicine,’’ which exposed the ugly side of human nature and emancipated people’s minds.

When he was alive, his works stood out like a lighthouse, providing a guiding light for perplexed Chinese youths who were passionate about China’s future, Xinhua news agency said.

After he passed away, Japanese found out from his works the strength to rejuvenate their country, which was shattered during World War II.

Over the past decades, thousands of experts and scholars around the world have studied his works from almost every possible angle, such as culture, psychology, arts, linguistics, the outlook of love and the attitude toward life.

In China, studies of Lu Xun have flourished into a special academic field, which holds such a position that it can be paralleled to that of the ¨Dream of the Red Mansion,`` which is one of the country’s four classical literature masterpieces.

Lu Xun’s works have been translated into such languages as English, Russian, German, and Korean and distributed throughout the world.

Now, let’s share our happy journey with all of you.

Tour guide explained to us about the position of Lu Xun's former residence, area and the general situation of Zhou family. After the guide’s explanation, Mr. Lu is a simply contemporary excellent student and a rich second generation.Let’s go and learn more about the great thinker, revolutionary and educator of the Modern China.Followings are the places where Lu Xun lived and studied during his lifetime, especially his childhood.

Sanweishuwu is the place that Lu Xun studied during his youth, about 100 meters away from the residence. This study was a famous private school of the late Qing Dynasty in Shaoxing. The plaque of San Wei Shu Wu” is hung on the wall of this study’s center. There is also a couplet on the columns which describes about the joy of reading. "There are square table, wooden chairs, which are the originals in the room. There is a desk at the northeast corner of the room, a Chinese character “早(zao)” is engraved at that time by LuXun.

His article From the Garden Herbs to Sanweishuwu  has described the its colorful and interesting scene. 

Let's go and see whether there is Polygonum or not ! ! !

Though there is no Polygonum in the garden maybe because of the weather, we were still really happy with our families.

Share some group photos with you:

Sitting in the boat, enjoying the scenery around, the clouds floating slowly, the wind blowing gently,what kind of words that I can use to describe the feeling at that moment!

The double-side stage is the central of Lu town.Many big activities are held at here or as a departure, such as abducting ,blessing ceremony performances. We can’t get the exact meaning of the opera, but our eyes are attracted by all of these brilliant performances.

Keyan Scenic restore to thephysical town in Lu Xun’s imaginative town in his article.

Blessing, hometown, The True Story of Ah Q, Diary of a Madman, an so on.  There are many typical characters in his works. So let’s see some statues of these figures.

We enjoyed the whole day, and left there unwillingly until the time was up.Look forward to the next trip with our big family.

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