SAM-UK is a China residential pipe fittings manufacturer dedicated to residential and home. And as the household plastic pipe supplier, SAM-UK provides different sizes and materials pipe fittings for home use for you to choose.
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Industry News

  • 01-22
    [Industry News] What is the difference between PE Plumbing Pipe and PVC Plumbing Pipe?

    Most people think that the PE tube is the kind of black plastic tube, and the PVC is white. In fact, depending on the color judgment, it is not very accurate. If the PE tube is not colored, it can be white. Therefore, today we will talk about how to distinguish between PE flumbing pipe and PVC flumbing pipe. Read More »

  • 01-20
    [Industry News] What is the difference between a UPVC drain and a PVC drain?

    PVC is polyvinyl chloride, which is the raw material of the drain pipe. Generally, it is a polyvinyl chloride resin powder. Nothing can be made by light PVC. To create useful things, add various active agents or catalyst stabilizers. UPVC is to add some activity. After the agent, the semi-finished product has to go through the injection molding machine to produce the finished product. In fact, UPVC drainage pipes are currently referred to as PVC drainage pipes. Therefore, in our water supply and drainage pipe procurement, we can see that UPVC drainage pipes are also PVC drainage pipes. This is a reason for HDPE pipes to be PE pipes abbreviation. So let's talk about it next. Read More »

  • 01-18
    [Industry News] What do I need to prepare to configure a PVC electrical pipe?

    PVC electrical pipes are one of the more widely used instruments, which are used to protect cables, wires and compensation wires. For the sake of beauty, aluminum alloy steel pipes, that is, electrical steel pipes, are often used. Stainless steel hoses are also used, and the dedicated electrical pipe wall is thin. PVC pipes are sometimes used as electrical protection tubes to transport corrosive liquids and gases. So what do we need to prepare when configuring PVC electrical pipes? Next, let's talk about the preparation. Read More »

  • 01-16
    [Industry News] What can be divided into PVC pipe and PVC pipe fittings?

    PVC pipe refers to a pipe made of PVC as a raw material, and is widely used in various fields due to its various properties. PVC pipe is a kind of pipe that is often used in decoration. When using PVC pipe for decoration, due to the structure of the house, some pipe fittings with different structures are needed to change the pipe direction and facilitate construction. Next, I will introduce some classifications of PVC pipes and PVC pipe fittings. Read More »

  • 01-14
    [Industry News] What are the specifications of PVC drain pipes?

    I believe that everyone may have heard of the PVC drain pipe, but it is limited to hearing it, and it may not be so familiar to it. I guess you may want to know what specifications PVC drain pipe has, because many places need to be used, but you don't know how big the specifications are. Today we will talk about what specifications it has. By the way, its advantages, characteristics and pipe design principles. Read More »

  • 01-12
    [Industry News] PVC plumbing pipe connection

    Everyone may know that PVC pipe and also know that its advantage is that the installation is simple. Then everyone may have heard of the PVC plumbing pipe, but you will be curious as to how easy it is to install it? Actually yes, but what should I do? Next, let's talk about how to install the PVC plumbing pipe. Read More »

  • 01-10
    [Industry News] What is the size of the PVC pipe joint?

    With the development of social economy, many industries are also developing rapidly. At this time, PVC pipes with portable, durable and other functions, have been more and more widely used. I don't know if you know that all kinds of pipes we use in our homes and yards must be connected to PVC joints. Because only in this way can they play their greatest role. So, what exactly is the PVC joint? How big is it? Next, we give a brief introduction to this, hoping to help you better understand the PVC pipe and PVC pipe coupling. Read More »

  • 01-08
    [Industry News] What is the role of the PVC tube expansion joint?

    In modern drainage engineering, with the development of technology and technology, PVC pipe is used more and more widely. However, because the characteristics of PVC pipe with temperature change affect its use function, in order to solve the problem that the expansion change affects pvc pipe coupling and PVC pipe, the expansion joint is introduced into engineering as a practical pipe fittings. So, do you know what polyethylene expansion joint is? What role does it play in practical application? Next, we briefly introduce the pvc pipe coupling. I hope I can help you better understand Read More »

  • 01-06
    [Industry News] What is the PVC pipe joint used for?

    With the development of social economy, light weight, durable, multi-functional PVC tube has been more and more widely used. We now use all kinds of pipes at home and in the courtyard. It is a common mode of transportation for hot and cold drinking water, sewage and drainage systems. However, only by using PVC pipe coupling can they be connected, so that they can play a greater role. So, do you know any PVC pipe joints? What are these joints? Next, we briefly introduce some contents of PVC joints, hoping to help you better use the PVC pipe. Read More »

  • 01-04
    [Industry News] What is the procedure for connecting PVC pipes? What do you do separately?

    The lightweight, durable, versatile and inexpensive PVC tube is an amazing product. Nowadays, it is widely used in various pipeline projects in families and courtyards. It is a common mode of transportation for hot and cold drinking water, sewage and drainage systems. You often encounter it in your pipeline projects, and you may find yourself turning to other "creative" home uses in the future. Therefore, learning how to connect PVC pipes correctly can save you time for future pipeline failures. The suitable PVC pipe can not be separated from the suitable PVC pipe coupling, because the specification of the PVC pipe coupling corresponds to the PVC pipe. Next, we briefly introduce how to connect PVC pipes. It is hoped that it will help to solve more problems in the use of PVC pipe and PVC joints. Read More »

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