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Industry News

  • 08-17
    [Industry News] What is the role of the PVC tube expansion joint?

    In modern drainage engineering, with the development of technology and technology, PVC pipe is used more and more widely. However, because the characteristics of PVC pipe with temperature change affect its use function, in order to solve the problem that the expansion change affects pvc pipe coupling and PVC pipe, the expansion joint is introduced into engineering as a practical pipe fittings. So, do you know what polyethylene expansion joint is? What role does it play in practical application? Next, we briefly introduce the pvc pipe coupling. I hope I can help you better understand Read More »

  • 08-10
    [Industry News] What is the method of repairing PVC pipes?

    With the development of social economy, the use of PVC pipe and PVC pipe joint becomes more and more common, especially in the field of construction. It gradually entered every family for its heat resistance, toughness and ductility. As we all know, PVC pipe coupling plays a very important role in the whole PVC pipe. So, if it has been used for a long time and there is a leak, how should we repair the PVC pipe fittings at home? Read More »

  • 07-23
    [Industry News] PVC plumbing pipe connection

    It is well known that PVC materials have a wide range of commercial applications. Today, PVC has two basic forms: rigid and flexible. Although it is also used for doors, windows, bottles, packaging and floors, the most common use is the PVC plumbing pipes. PVC is the third most widely used plastic polymer in the world, more than half of which is used to make pipes and fittings for our water supply and drainage system. Its popularity lies in its availability, cost, density and strength, as well as its tolerance to chemicals and bases. Then, if you know how to connect the PVC pipe joints, it will save a lot of time for you when you are at home alone. Read More »

  • 07-13
    [Industry News] How to design the standard PVC pipe fittings?

    With the development of social economy, lightweight, durable, multi-functional PVC pipe material has been more and more widely used. We now use all kinds of PVC pipe fittings in our homes and yards. It is a common mode of transportation for hot and cold drinking water, sewage and drainage systems. However, only with PVC pipe joint connection, in order to play a greater role. Thus, what is the standard of the PVC pipe fittings? How can we design the PVC pipe coupling which meet the criterion? I will tell you some thing about it in this article. Read More »

  • 07-12
    [Industry News] Installation procedure of drain pipe fittings

    With the developent of science and technology, PVC pipe has been widely used in various industries for its portable, durable, light weight and multi-functional. For detial, it is a common mode of transportation for hot and cold drinking water, sewage and drainage systems in construction field. Slowly, you will find it is commonly-used and encounter it in your pipeline projects. Therefore, learning how to learning how to connect drain pipe fittings can help us save plenty of time. Besides, it is also useful for future pipeline failures. This article will introduce the Installation procedure of drain pipe joints in detail. Read More »

  • 07-10
    [Industry News] Do you know how many kinds of drainage pipe fittings are available?

    When using PVC drain pipes, considering the different house structures, it is necessary to use some PVC drainage joints with different structures to change the direction of the pipes for easy construction. Different joints have different functions, such as the downstream pipe fittings, the waste pipe fittings and the corrugated pipe fittings. The drain pipe bending connection and change the direction of the pipes. The PVC pipe fittings coupled from one component to another can connect PVC pipes for drainage to pipes, pipes to fittings, and even connectors, permanently. In addition, there are many types of the PVC drain pipe joints. This article will introduce the different kinds of the drainage pipe coupling. Read More »

  • 07-08
    [Industry News] Why PVC drain pipe joints are the good choice?

    With the developent of science and technology, PVC drain pipe joints has been widely used in many industries for its portable, durable, light weight. As the name suggests, main component of PVC pipe coupling is PVC with other components to enhance its heat resistance, toughness and ductility at the same time. So why are PVC drainage fittings so popular? In addition, what are the criteria for evaluating it? This article will tell you the answers. Read More »

  • 02-11
    [Industry News] Use of pvc pipe fittings in drain pipe construction

    In this article, I will introduce you to the conditions in which PVC pipe fittings are used in drain pipe construction and some other information. Read More »

  • 02-09
    [Industry News] PVC pipe fittings market research

    The largest application of PVC is in the construction industry, which is mainly used as a drain pipe, rainwater pipe and threading pipe in the construction industry. What is the current state of the market for using a wide range of PVC pipe fittings? The following content will tell you. Read More »

  • 02-07
    [Industry News] PVC pipe fittings application status and development trend

    As the application range of pipe fittings in production continues to expand, PVC pipe fittings are currently favored by social consumers. The following article analyzes the application status and development trends of PVC pipes. Read More »

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