SAM-UK is a China residential pipe fittings manufacturer dedicated to residential and home. And as the household plastic pipe supplier, SAM-UK provides different sizes and materials pipe fittings for home use for you to choose.
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Industry News

  • 11-15
    [Industry News] how to fix a leaking PVC pipe elbow

    When the PVC pipe leaks, turn off the total valve of the water, locate the leakage pipe and measure the size of the rupture. When the house is decorated, PVC pipes are used in many kitchen and toilet sewer pipes. When a leak occurs, the main valve of the water should be closed, and then the location Read More »

  • 11-13
    [Industry News] how to repace a 90 degree pvc elbow joint

    PVC pipe bending routine is divided into two ways: the first is DN15/DN20/DN25 bending, the general use of elbow springs, in the place you buy PVC pipe, let the seller, give you two same type of pipe spring, you will spring, inserted into the pipe mouth, force breaking, specific angle according Read More »

  • 11-03
    [Industry News] How is the schedule 40 PVC pipe quality

    schedule 40 Polyvinyl chloride resin is used with stabilizers, lubricants and other combination after hot pressing extrusion molding, is the earliest development and application of plastic pipes. PVC-U pipes have strong corrosion resistance, easy adhesion, low price and hard texture. However, due to Read More »

  • 11-02
    [Industry News] Difference between PVC elbow and bend

    The elbow is used for vertical connection with the transverse pipe.The elbow is used for a horizontal right angle connection with the draining horizontal pipe or the drainage riser. Read More »

  • 10-17
    [Industry News] What is the PVC pipe fitting weight?

    Do you have experience with PVC pipes fittings? Many households now have PVC pipe fittings installed. Today this article will introduce you to the weight of PVC fittings. PVC pipe fittings weight, this need according to the size of this pipe fittings, and the number of pipe fittings to measure weigh Read More »

  • 09-12
    [Industry News] What is PVC pipe fitting outside diameter?

    Does your home use PVC pipes? How much do you know about PVC pipes fittings? Today we are going to introduce you to the outer diameter of PVC pipe fittings. The PVC pipe drainage pipe is made of PVC resin as the main raw material, adding a proper amount of stabilizer, lubricant, filling agent, color Read More »

  • 07-30
    [Industry News] What is the PVC pipe?

    Many newly renovated homes have PVC pipes and PVC pipe fittings installed. Do you really understand PVC pipes? If you understand the PVC pipe, it is good for your home decoration, and if the pipe is damaged, you can take certain measures. Today's article will detail the PVC pipe. The PVC pipe draina Read More »

  • 07-26
    [Industry News] What is the PVC pipe connector dimensions?

    Does your home also use PVC pipes or PVC pipe fittings? PVC pipes are now more and more popular among the public. Especially the newly renovated homes generally have PVC pipes. Do you know the PVC pipe connectors? Do you know the dimensions of PVC pipe connectors? The next article will give you a de Read More »

  • 07-12
    [Industry News] The Types of Pipe Connection

    1. The hoop connection of galvanized steel pipe(1) FeaturesBefore galvanized steel pipes being connected, special grooves shall be used to open standard grooves on the steel pipe circumference. The galvanized steel pipe can roll out the grooves on the steel pipe by the way of grooving, and the thick Read More »

  • 07-11
    [Industry News] The Introduction of PVC Pipes

    The essence of PVC tube is a vacuum plastic film, which is used for the surface packing of various panels. So it is also called decorative film or adhesive film. PVC pipes are wildly used in many industries, such as building materials, packaging, medicine and so on. The largest proportion of the bui Read More »

SAM-UK Is the largest manufacturers of pipe fittings in China, providing professional services and the best quality pipe fittings, well known in the world.

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