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    "The home of plastic and  mould in China". We are a  professional pipe fittings for home use-sam-uk manufacturer and household plastic pipe supplier of PVC, CPVC, PPH, PPR, brass, pipe, fittings, valves, taps,etc. Now ,the best drain fittings is for sale.Currently we mainly supply ANSI standard ,NBR standard, BS standard ,DIN standard and so on. 
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All SAM-UK products are manufactured in a tightly controlled process and monitored throughout the production process. In order to ensure the product quality byseveral links of inspection.
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DIY installation Drainage pipe line

A lot of people want to install Drainage pipe line with their own hands, because they will find a sense of accomplishment, if you want to DIY install the Drainage pipe, this article will help you. We can stick PVC pipe fittings ourselves when we installed Drainage pipe line, pipe fittings cost i

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The Difference Between NPT And BSPT

When buying threaded pipes and fittings, many customers often don't know how to choose. NPT or BSPT? Are they the same? Which one can meet my need? What the hell are the differences? Today let us tell you. The Difference between NPT and BSPT Pressure systems in the process industry use different way

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Use four PVC 90 degree elbows to repair the pipe

PVC 90 degree elbow can change the direction of flow by 90 deg. Two ends are connected the same size PVC pipe plumbing.Multiple elbows can be used together in combination. For example, the following situation: pipe fixed, pipe and tee at the junction of damage, moving range is small.

Installation procedure of drain pipe fittings

With the developent of science and technology, PVC pipe has been widely used in various industries for its portable, durable, light weight and multi-functional. For detial, it is a common mode of transportation for hot and cold drinking water, sewage and drainage systems in construction field. Slowly, you will find it is commonly-used and encounter it in your pipeline projects. Therefore, learning how to learning how to connect drain pipe fittings can help us save plenty of time. Besides, it is also useful for future pipeline failures. This article will introduce the Installation procedure of drain pipe joints in detail.





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We are a passionate, ambitious, carries the dream of the team, but also a vigorous thinking, vibrant.solidarity and mutual help family.




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