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    About Sam-UK

    Taizhou Zhuoxin Plastics Co., Ltd. (SAM-UK), which was established in 2006, is a professional manufacturer of plastic construction materials. Our main products are PVC, PPR, PP pipes,fittings and vinyl fences.

    Currently we mainly supply NBR 5648 standard SCH40 ASTM D2466 standard, BS 4346 standard, ASTM D2665 standard, AS/NZS1254, AS/NZS1260, PP thread fittings, CPVC ASTM D2846 products etc.

    We have a strong development strength, with sales growing at a rate of 15% per year, annual sales exceeding $300 million, more than 100 franchisees joining us, and product sales covering as many as 20+ countries.


    Our state of the art modern production facility is spread across29,800 squaremeters.


    Factory Area(m²)


    Output Value(million)


    Injection molding machine

    First-class quality

    At Sam-uk quality is our major priority and to achieve our quality standards we use quality raw materials. We have a state-of-the-art production facility consisting of fully automated machinery. Our skilled quality inspectors carefully inspect the finished products to ensure the quality of the products.

    • Injection molding machines: 83 units
    • Extruder: 14 units
    • Mold: 2100 sets
    • Output value: 300 million
    • Factory area: 20000-30000 square meters
    • Processing trade: OEM Service Offered Design Service Offered Buyer Label Offered

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    SAM-UK staff mobilize all of their enthusiasm, creativity and insight into the product manufacturing. Each piece of water pipe is the crystallization of SAM-UK staff’s wisdom and sweat, employees grow together with the products by continuous learning.


      Expertise in type

      PVC is a polymer of vinyl chloride monomer in an initiator such as peroxide or an azo compound; or a polymer obtained by a free radical polymerization mechanism under the action of light or heat. It is a thermoplastic material that repeatedly melts at certain temperatures and hardens on cooling. Its main component is polyvinyl chloride, a material that adds other ingredients to enhance its heat resistance, toughness and ductility. PVC is divided into rigid and flexible and can be combined with a variety of additives to make soft and hard PVC pipes……

      the surface of stainless steel makes stainless steel have excellent in all water quality, even buried.

      The reducing tee has excellent performance. The thin and oxide film on the surface of the stainless steel compression equal tee makes the stainless steel have excellent performance in all water quality. Even if it is buried, it also has excellent performance. It is used and popularized in different environments and sites. Therefore, it is applicable to all kinds of water quality. In addition to the fact that there is no need to control the water quality, the clamp type pipe fittings are connected, anti vibration, and the connecting parts are fixed at one time, which avoids the possibility of “loose joint”, and the construction is convenient. The on-site welding and threading operation are avoided. The on-site installation of clamp type pipe fittings is very convenient. The installation time is only 1 / 3 of that of welded pipe fittings or threading, which shortens the construction period and cost and avoids water leakage.

      Now living conditions have improved, and basically every household will install a water heater. However, when installing a water heater, you need to buy a hot water pipe. You may not know what material to buy. Plastics have been very hot these years, but you may be wondering if you can install your own water heaters with plastic tubes. If using a plastic tube, which material is used? PVC pipe and PVC pipe couplings have been so hot in recent years. It seems to be very good. Can you use this?

      PVC 90 degree elbow can change the direction of flow by 90 deg. Two ends are connected the same size PVC pipe plumbing. Multiple elbows can be used together in combination. For example, the following situation: pipe fixed, pipe and tee at the junction of damage, moving range is small. There may be many ways to solve this problem of pipeline damage,such us mechanical joint couplings is a solid way to join pipe, but this is much more expensive, then the following describes elbow to repair the pipe.