¿Cuál es la función de la junta de dilatación de tubo de PVC?

¿Cuál es la función de la junta de dilatación de tubo de PVC?

In modern drainage engineering, with the development of technology and technology, PVC pipe is used more and more widely. However, because the characteristics of Tubo de PVC with temperature change affect its use function, in order to solve the problem that the expansion change affects acoplamiento de tubos de pvc and PVC pipe, the expansion joint is introduced into engineering as a practical pipe fittings. So, do you know what polyethylene expansion joint is? What role does it play in practical application? Next, we briefly introduce the pvc pipe coupling. I hope I can help you better understand

The analysis points are as follows:

♦ What is PVC pipe expansion joint

♦ How to use PVC pipe expansion joints

♦ The role of PVC pipe expansion joint

♦ Conclusión

What is PVC pipe expansion joint

Expansion joints are also called compensators or expansion joints. It mainly consists of bellows and end pipes, brackets, flanges, catheters and other accessories. The utility model belongs to a compensation element, and is also a pvc pipe coupling. Expansion joint is designed to compensate for the deformation caused by thermal expansion and cold contraction, effectively prevent the bending deformation of the pipeline, so that the pipeline will not deteriorate. Especially for PVC drainage pipes which are widely used at present, the length changes greatly due to thermal expansion and cold shrinkage, so expansion joints must be set up. With the development of related industries, it is widely used in industry and other related fields.

How to use PVC pipe expansion joints

1. The reserved clearance for inserting expansion joints at the end of the pipe shall be 5 mm to 10 mm in summer and 15 mm to 20 mm in winter.

2. If the riser connector itself has a telescopic function, the telescopic connector can not be set. (e.g. mid-wall fittings)

3. When the floor height is less than or equal to 4m, there should be an expansion joint in each layer of the sewage pipe and the ventilation riser; when the floor height is greater than 4m, the maximum allowable expansion of the expansion joint should be determined according to the design expansion of the pipeline and the maximum allowable expansion of the expansion joint. Expansion joint should be located near mixing pipe joint (such as tee, tee). At the same time, the end of the joint socket (one end of the rubber ring) should be toward the upstream side of the pipeline (the outer side of the inner pressure rubber ring of the expansion joint socket) and the end of the counter current direction should be coated with adhesive and expansion joint bonding.

4. When the riser is fixed through the floor, it should not be fixed on the expansion joint; when it is fixed at the expansion joint, it should not be fixed when the riser passes through the floor.

The role of PVC pipe expansion joint

With the continuous development and progress of modern economy and society, pipeline construction has begun to play an increasingly important role in regional energy supply and water resources supply. However, due to the thermal expansion and contraction of long-distance pipeline when the temperature changes, in order to protect the pipeline from damage during thermal expansion and contraction, it is necessary to make the pipeline not only expand but also compress, so expansion joints appear, which can be handled well. Question: This kind of pvc pipe coupling is similar to expansion joint on bridge, reserved joint on Railway track, etc. So, what is the function of this plastic pipe joint?

(1) The function of expansion joint is to eliminate the pressure produced by thermal expansion and cold contraction.

(2) Setting up water supply expansion joint can prevent the medium from thermal expansion and contraction, or prevent the impact of various water hammers.

(3) It is designed to compensate the pipe deformation caused by thermal expansion and contraction, and effectively prevent the pipe bending deformation.


The above is a brief introduction to the expansion joint of PVC pipe. Generally speaking, the function of pvc pipe coupling is to connect different pipes so that people can better use them. Expansion joint is a kind of pvc pipe coupling, aiming at eliminating the pressure caused by cold expansion and hot pressure of pipeline, thus protecting PVC pipeline. Then, if you have any other questions about expansion joints or other plastic pipe joint, please consult us in time, and we will provide you with the latest information.


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