Характеристики фитингов для труб из ПВХ

Характеристики фитингов для труб из ПВХ

With the development of social economy and science and technology, Фитинги для труб из ПВХ have been recognized by many industries for its good performance and have been widely used. Because of its good performance and great market potential, the development prospects of PVC industry are very broad. Therefore, with the popularization of PVC pipe fittings, we should know something about it. Therefore, we made a brief introduction to this, we briefly analyzed the characteristics of PVC pipe fittings, as well as its storage and transportation, hoping to help you better understand this kind of pipe fittings.

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✉ PVC pipe fittings performance

✉ PVC pipe fittings installation

✉ PVC housekeeper’s storage and transportation

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PVC pipe fittings performance

PVC pipe has the following good characteristics:

1. Light weight, easy handling, low construction intensity, fast progress, can save construction costs.

2. Low fluid resistance: The pipe wall is very smooth and the resistance to the fluid is very small.

3. Excellent corrosion resistance and resistance: This pipe has excellent acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance, not affected by water and soil acidity and alkalinity. Pipeline laying does not require anticorrosion treatment.

4. According to the practical engineering experience, the maintenance cost is low.

It has good water tightness.

5.Sanitary materials, no pollution to water quality.

PVC pipe fittings will not scale, and will not cause secondary pollution to water quality in the process of water conveyance.

PVC pipe fittings installation

So how do we install the PVC pipe correctly in our daily work?

(1) The connection mode of PVC pipe is divided into flexible connection and rigid connection.

(2) Installation steps when pipelines are connected through rubber rings:

A) Before installation, first check the quality of pipes, fittings and rubber rings, and wipe the working face of sockets and sockets.

B) Put the baffle in the bearing groove along the specified direction, and it will not deform and disperse evenly.

C) The baffle and insertion part should be brushed with lubricant, and the lubricant should be coated with appropriate amount of lubricant to avoid lubricant flowing into the slot, reduce friction between the baffle and the wall of the slot, leading to the overturning of the baffle. Lubricants mainly use detergents or soapy water.

D) The socket is aligned with the socket, and the pipe shaft is kept straight.


E) The sockets and sockets are fitted with appropriate wire rope sheaths and are pulled into the marking line with a tensioner (or wrench hoist). The mid-diameter pipe can be filled with square wood and tapped into the socket with a mallet.

F) Insert a plug ruler to check the position of the baffle for one to one week. Large caliber pipes can be illuminated with flashlights, and each must be checked.

PVC housekeeper’s storage and transportation

1. Pipe fittings should be lightly loaded, transported and handled in an orderly arrangement to avoid oil pollution, not to be subjected to severe impact and contact with sharp objects, not to throw, fall, roll and store. The open air was exposed to the sun for a long time.

2. Pipelines and fittings should be stored in warehouses or shed with good ventilation, temperature not exceeding 40 C, no severe impact or sharp objects.

3. Pipelines and fittings should be laid on flat and compacted ground. Sockets and sockets should be stacked alternately. They should not be stacked vertically. The socket part shall be suspended at the end of the socket.

4. When deep scratches occur on the pipeline, it is easy to fall off the scratches if the pipeline is subjected to a greater impact. This phenomenon is called scratch effect. Therefore, scraping effect should be avoided during storage and transportation.

5. Anti-ultraviolet degradation: This kind of pipeline is susceptible to ultraviolet radiation and will change the color of the pipeline. This phenomenon is called ultraviolet degradation. This phenomenon will affect the impact strength, tensile strength, modulus of elasticity and other properties of pipelines.


In recent years, PVC pipe fittings have been used more and more widely, and gradually become one of the more popular synthetic materials. Because of its light weight, corrosion resistance, high compressive strength, safety and convenience, PVC pipe fittings are widely praised in many industries. If you want to buy suitable PVC pipe fittings, please choose us. If you want to know more about PVC pipe fittings, please consult us in time and we will answer your questions.

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