Как отличить качество фитингов для труб PPR?

Как отличить качество фитингов для труб PPR?

PPR is the abbreviation of tripropene, also known as random copolymer polypropylene pipe. In the process of construction, hot welding method is often used, and special welding and cutting tools are equipped, which has high plasticity. PPR pipe joints are widely used because of its moderate price, stable performance, heat insulation and long service life. But the construction of the PPR pipe coupling needs special tools and professionals to ensure safety. This article will tell you what is Трубные фитинги PPR and how to distinguish the quality of the PPR pipe coupling.

  • What is PPR pipe fittings?
  • The difference between PVC pipe joints and ППР труба fittings
  • How to distinguish the quality of the PPR pipe coupling?

What is PPR pipe fittings?

The full name of PPR pipe is random copolymer polypropylene pipe. Among them, PPR is actually the abbreviation of tripropylene polyethylene, so it can be seen that the main raw material of the PPR pipe fittings is tripropylene polyethylene. In recent years, with the continuous development of all walks of life, the market demand for PPR pipe coupling is also increasing. Whether it is construction, industry, agriculture or some water conservancy projects, PPR pipes have played a strong role in it. Compared with traditional cement pipes or galvanized steel pipes, PPR pipe joints have the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, simple installation and maintenance, and strong practicality.

The difference between PVC pipe joints and PPR pipe fittings

PVC pipes and PPR pipes are widely used in urban water supply and heating systems, drinking water pipes for urban residents, agricultural irrigation and large-scale real estate projects. So how do we distinguish PPR pipe joints from PVC pipe fittings?

First of all, it’s clear that their materials are different. Secondly, due to different materials, the color of PPR pipe and PVC pipe products are also different. PPR pipe joints have bright appearance and better toughness. PVC pipes are mostly milky white, glossy and fragile. Thirdly, the production cost is different. Due to the material and wall thickness, the production cost and price of PVC pipe fittings and PPR pipe joints are also different. Generally, the price of PPR pipe is relatively high. Last but not least, different uses. PPR pipe coupling is usually used as water supply pipe in home installation, both cold and hot water pipes. PVC pipes are usually used for drains which use only cold water pipes.

How to distinguish the quality of the PPR pipe coupling?

We can distinguish the quality of the PPR pipe coupling from the following 10 aspects.

1.    Appearance: Good PPR pipes are soft and uniform in color, without any color. According to the national regulations, PPR water pipes should have good blackout performance, gray or other opaque properties will be better. In addition, the internal and external surfaces of the PPR pipe joints shall be smooth and flat without bubbles, obvious depressions and impurities.

2.    The sense of touch: Good PPR pipes has a smooth surface and a soft feel. Generally speaking, rough particles may be mixed with impurities.

3.    Smell: Good PPR pipe coupling have no peculiar smell while the poor pipes have peculiar smell.

4.    Listen to the voice: The sound of PPR pipeline landing is dull, while the sound of pseudo PPR pipeline landing is very clear.

5.    Smell of Burning Smoke: The burning of PPR pipe fittings with impurities will emit black smoke and pungent smell. Good materials will not emit black smoke or smell after burning. After combustion, the molten liquid is still very clean.

6.    Checking: Judge the quality of the PPR pipe joints with professional testing instruments and national standards.

I believe that after reading this article, you will have a certain theoretical basis for judging the quality of PPR pipe fittings.

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