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50mm PVC P-trap for kitchen and washbasin lateral drainage water

50mm trap is generally used for washing machines, kitchen and toilet wash basin drainage.
  • SAM-UK
  • W06-50
  • PVC
  • DIN
  • Socket end with gasket
  • Injection
  • Waste water drainage
  • PN06
  • -15℃~65℃
  • White or customized
  • Huangyan, zhejiang, China(Mainland)
  • Factory
Packaging Carton Size(mm)
96 51 35 46

1.Strong acid and alkali resistance: PVC material characteristics anti-acid and alkali,
2.Against the stench, insect-resistant: the structure of the product itself, blocking odor ,and insects
3.Stability, good dielectric, durable, anti-aging, easy welding and bonding,
4.Bending strength and impact toughness strong, high elongation at break,
5.Surface smooth, bright color, very decorative, decorative applications wider,
6.Construction process is simple, easy to install.
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